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Monday, 17 September 2018


Rina Pariharam: How to overcome the "terminally illness"?

Astrological Remedies
Temple to cure Terminally ill patients

 Everyone must understand that the illness that hurts our body is nothing but our bad Karma that we have carried forward from our previous life. Thus, if we want to get rid of our illness fully, we must identify the bad Karma that are associated with the illness, and must take efforts to rectify it through astrological guidance and spiritual help.

Temple to cure “Terminally ill” Patients:

Long ago, there lived a King “Kolli Vala Malavan” ruling over a small kingdom stretching over the Kolli Hills in Tamilnadu. He had a beautiful teenaged girl child and the King had taken too much care in bringing up the girl. Unfortunately, the Girl had developed an illness that had been described as “Muyalagan”, which had been classified as “terrible” & “incurable”. The King did his best to cure the illness of the girl by bringing up the best people in the Medicines within his country; and also brought up many peoples from top medical hierarchy elsewhere. He had also sought the help of yogis & tantric to cure the illness, but nothing worked out.

The King had lost all the hope, except the faith on the God. The King was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. So, he brought her Girl Child to the Lord Shiva temple and placed her before the temple entrance, so that the Girl could see the Lord Shiva very easily.

Here the Lord Shiva is called as “Mattruraivaradeswarar” and the Goddess is called “Bala Soundari Ambal”. The King had possessed the full faith on Lord Shiva; and hoped to see the better days ahead”.

In Tamil Nadu, there were 63 saints (Nayanmars) in the Shaivite sect of Hinduism. Among them 4 Nayanmars are called as “Nalvar” (meaning group of 4) are considered to be “Gems” among them; and they are considered to the Pillars of Shaivite sect of Hinduism in Tamil Nadu. One among them is Holy Thiru Gnananda Sambandar who sang countless hymns in the praise of Lord Shiva by visiting countless temples across Tamil Nadu. The temples that has been visited by the Holiness are considered as “Patal Petra Sthalam” (meaning = temple that are graced by the Songs/hymns in the praise of the Lord Shiva).  

The King Kolli Vala Malavan came to know that His Holiness Sambandar was on his spiritual trip to various temples around Tiruchirappalli; and went on to invite the Sambandar to visit this particular temple and his Kingdom. The King met the Holiness Sambandar and invited him to his country and to the Palace to take some rest. But the Holiness Sambandar came to know about the condition of the girl child of the King; and preferred to visit the temple at once. Once at the temple, the Holiness Sambandar saw the condition of the Girl. He was pained at seeing the condition of the Girl with the terminal illness. Then, the Holiness Thiru Gnananda Sambandar sang a hymn in the praise of the God Lord Shiva.

The Hymn started with “Thuni Valar Thingal” and had 11 stanzas. Each stanza will praise the Lord Shiva of his Greatness and his forgiving nature and softness towards his disciples. Then the Holiness Sambandar asks the Lord Shiva the reason behind in keeping the Girl under this medical difficulty; and went on to ask the Lord Shiva to be gracious enough to forgive the bad Karma of the King and the Girl.  Thus the Girl started to regain her consciousness and got back her to original health before the Holiness Sambandar could finish the hymn.

The King, his daughter and the peoples who were present at that time were elated and chanted “Om Nama Sivaya”. Then everybody started following the footsteps of Holi Sambandar and went inside the temple and thanked the Lord Shiva for gracious nature by curing the illness that were considered as “Terminal” (or) “incurable”.

The King and the later periods, the Tamil Chola Kings constructed a Mandapam, where the Girl was lying down and annexed it with the main temple. The temple is situated in a small village called “Thiru Vasi” which is very near to western suburb of Tiruchirappalli on the State Highway connecting the Tiruchirappalli to Salem.  

Importance of the Temple:

Goddess Bala Soundari Ambal graces in the west direction (in all Lord Shiva temples, the Goddess Parvathi graces in the South direction only) overlooking the Lord Shiva itself. The Holy water obtained from the “Abhisheka” of Goddess Bala Soundari Ammal is the actual medicine to get cured out of the illness.

The Place where the daughter of the King was lying down 

Closer View of the area where the Girl was lying down

View of the Original Temple

Annmam Poigai (Holy water Tank)

Inner View of the Temple

How to worship in the Temple?

1.     It is better to take the patients direct to the temple. (At present, there are no boarding & lodging places near the temple).
2.     It is better to stay near the temple for overnight and take bath in the temple bond called as “Annamam Poigai” (a pond within the temple premises, which has been protected by the iron gates); you can get some water from the pond (or) the “Abhisheka” water and mix it with the bucket containing the normal water and take bath.
3.     Have a darshan & Puja on daily basis both in the morning and evening hours.
4.     The temple authorities would provide a packet containing “Holy Ash” after performing puja. Mix the Holy ash with “Abhisheka” water daily and drink it.
5.     In the temple, they advertise the people to come on every Sunday for three 3 consecutive Sundays and do Puja and drink “Abhisheka” water. You can also opt for this method too.
6.     In my view, the Mondays are better than Sundays. You can opt for doing the Puja and Abhisheka for 3 consecutive Mondays too.
7.     You can opt for any one of the schedules that are feasible to you. Remember, if you are able to set your foot in this temple, you would be witnessing the miracle of getting cured out of the terminal illness.
8.     If the patient is not able to travel, then the process/puja can be done by the blood relatives of the patient @ father/mother/brothers & sisters/husband/children. The holy ash mixed with the Abhisheka water should be consumed by the patient; and the patient must visit the Lord Shiva and must thank Him after overcoming the illness.

Guidance & Notes before going to the temple:

1.     Make sure that everyone including the patient should not use drugs (or) drink alcohol (or) smoke (or) eat non-vegetarian foods.
2.     Make sure that nobody involves in sexual activities while accompanying the entourage.
3.     Must control anger, jealousness, highhandedness and enmity before entering the temple.
4.     It is not compulsory to go through fasting; but can be maintained if it is possible. But you must not eat any food that stimulates your mind & body; hence “Sattvic” soft vegetarian foods are recommended.
5.     Must develop the confidence that the bad Karma is the sole reason behind the illness; the bad karma could be deleted by the Lord Shiva only.
6.     It is always better to understand the type of “Karma” that affects the patient’s horoscope; and take steps accordingly to prevent it forever and doesn’t affect the other family members.
7.     You can read the Karma theory in my blog: and also by visiting my answers in the Quora: 
8.  Worship Lord Ganesh first; Lord Muruga/Nandi/Lord Shiva/Goddess Bala Soundari Ambal (in that order)
9.  Never to forget to worship Lord Nataraja here in this temple. Here the Natarja will not have loose hair; and it would be intertwined. Also, the Lord Natarajar would be dancing above the Serpant (which can't be see anywhere in the World).
10.Never forget about the Holiness Thiru Gnana Sambandar. Pray to the Sambandar to help cure the illness through his daily hymns to the Lord Shiva. 
11.Recite the Hymn by yourself (books are availbale) (or) listen to the view in the video from the youtube. 

How to reach the Temple:

1.     The temple is situated 13 kms from Tiruchirappalli.
2.     The name of Village is called as “Thiru Vasi”; and lies ½ km on the main road connecting Trichy and Salem.
3.     You have to take a right turn at the Tollgate Round tana (Srirangam) while going towards Trichy from Chennai.
4.      After crossing a railway overbridge, you will reach a place called “Nochiyam”. You must continue to travel straight for another 3 to 4 kms to reach a place where you see a small board indicating the direction and name of the village (Thiru vasi).
5.     You have turn right into katcha road for another ½ km to arrive at the temple.
6.     You can also call the temple priest Mr. Kumar Gurukkal (Mobile number: 94869 16362) for any help & directions.
7.     You can contact me, if you need any astrological guidance (Mobile number: 8939003500, 8939006500)
8. There are few city buses from "Chatiram Bus Stand" (within Trichy) to Tiruvasi (which come after long interval); but you can get into mofusil buses going towards "Salem" and get down on the main Road and can walk for few distnace. 


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Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Rina Pariharam: Pariharam (Remedial Measures) to be done to avoid any health problems that affects the blood.

1. Start the Rina Pariharam by doing a Pooja to Lord Ganesha for the successful completion of the Pariharam.

2. Select Sunday as the starting day for doing Rina Pariharam for any type of blood related illness like blood sugar, blood pressure, blood cancer, blood cloggings (or) to avoid facing any malefic effects of poisoning. 

3. Best time for doing this Pariharam is the Rahu Kalam (Period of Rahu) on Sundays @ 04.30 pm to 06.00 pm (your local time).

4. You need to chant this Mantra on Lord Sarabeswarar atleast 108 time (or) in multiples of 108. 

"Moola Mantra" of Lord Sarabeswarar:

Om Khem Kaum Bhatt
Hum bhatt sarva satru sam-hara-naya
Saraba salu-vaya
Patchi rajaya
Hum bhatt swahaa!

Lord Sarabeswarar:

Lord Sarabeswara is an "avatar" of Lord Shiva. The Lord Narasimha (Avatar of Lord Vishnu) became more ferocious after He had killed the "Asura" Iranya by toring his stomach and started drinking his blood. The Lord Narasimha became more ferocious after drinking the blood of the Asura @ the blood of Lord Narasimha became poisonous; and the universe was not able to withstand trauma of the events that had followed due to the fercious nature of Lord Narasimha.

Then everybody including Sage Naradha, Lord Indira and Lord Brahmatried their best to pacify the The Lord Narasimha; but met with no success. Then the Bhatka Prahalatha (the son of "Asura" Iranya; for whom the Lord Vishnu performed this avatar) had tried his best to stop the ferocious nature of The Lord Narasimha; but met with little success. Then they all went to Lord Shiva; and requested Him to save everyone in this Universe. Lord Shiva had approved their request.

The Lord Shiva had sent the Lord Veerabhadra (one of the avatar of Lord Shiva) to pacify the The Lord Narasimha. The Lord Veerabhadra had offered paryers to The Lord Narasimha; and tried his best to pacify. But the situation had started worsening and the Lord Veerabhadra had turned towards the Lord Shiva. At that time, everyone saw to their dis-belief that a very powerful light equivalent to the level of 1000 crore Sun had started emerging in that place.

Lord Shiva had taken a new avatar named "Lord Sarabeswarar" with  a mix of an animal, a bird and a human. The new avatar of Lord Shiva had 8 legs, 4 hands, 3 eyes, nose of a bird called "Saraba"; and half the body of an animal "Yali" (the animal "Yali" was considered as very powerful as per Hindu Religious texts); and half the body of a human with Lion head; the with two powerful wings as "Goddess Prathyankaradevi" and "Goddess Saraba Sulini Durga". 

 Lord Sarabeswarar took the Lord Narasimha and hugged him so tightly and tried to calm down Lord Narasimha. Lord Sarabeswarar was successful in controlling the anger and ferocity of the Lord Narasimhar by removing the polluted content away from the blood of Lord Narasimha by pressing His sharp nails on Lord Narasimha; thus the bad part in the blood had evaporated. Once the polluted contents and posionous contents were removed, the Lord Narasimha started to attain his original position. The efforts of Lord Sarabeswarar was helped by "Goddess Prathyankaradevi" and "Goddess Saraba Sulini Durga" by blowing cool air around the Lord Narasimha. Thus the Lord Sarabeswarar cleared all the health problems that had been created earlier by the problems in the blood. 

5. You can donate Rose water, Sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, coconut water (or) honey to perform "Abhishek" (Abhishekam) in the temple.

6. You must complete a Puja in the name of the Person (who has problems with his/her blood) with his/her Birth Star and Rasi (Moon Sign) by purchasing coconut, banana (2), flowers, agarbatti (incense sticks), betel leaves and nuts. 

7. You must take back the Pooja ingredients back to your house, after the completion of Puja. 

8. Spread (or) place the flower on the main door entrance; and must remove it safely on the next day morning (the flower should not be allowed to rot (or) should not be thrown on the road). 

9. Use the coconut for cooking purposes; (or) eat along with bananas/betel nut & leaves. 

10. Continue the process for a minimum of 9 weeks (or) you can even do it for a longer period of time. 

11. You would see a marked improvement on the physical health of the person, who had been affected by the blood related diseases (or) disorders. 

 Important Guidelines:

1. You must take head bath on all 9 (or) more Sundays while doing Pariharam.

2. All the family members including the person (for whom the Pariharam is being done) must take head bath; and must remain bodily and mentally clean on the days that the rituals are being done.

3. The whole family must not eat non-vegetarian foods (or) any type of foods that intoxicates the mind and body.

4. There should not be any sexual interactions (or) any type of sexual activities by any member of the family (or) between any family members for all those 9 days.

5. Try to explain the situation to your friends, family members and guests; and make sure that no unclean (or) doubtful characters enter (or) stay in your house during those 9 days.

6. Make sure that no strangers are allowed to touch the Pooja ingredients. 

7. Try to avoid doing this Abhishekam and Pooja in the House. 

Best Place to complete this Ritual (Pariharam):  

1. You can do this Pariharam more than once till the disorder (or) diseases eradicated completely. 

2. Sri Kamphareswar - Sarabeswarar Temple, Thirubhuvanam (Near Kumbakonam in TN). The temple is very old temple built 1000 years ago by Chola Kings. 

3. Lord Sarabeswarar worshipped in the following temples in Chennai

a. Thirusula Nathar Temple - Trishulam (Oppsite to Chennai Airport)

b. Sri Skanda Ashramam - East Tambarm (Near Camp Road)

c. Thenupreeswarar Temple - Madambakkam (2 kms from East Tambaram - Velachery Main Road) 

d. Kurungalieswarar Temple - Koyambedu (very near to Koyambedu Metro Railway station)

e. Vellieaswarar Temple - Mylapore (East Mada Street).

f. Subramaniar Temple - Adambakkam (2 kms from Guindly Race course Road & also from West Velachery)

4. Sarabeswarar Temple, Karaikkudi (South Tamilnadu). 


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Sunday, 16 February 2014


Astrological Guide to clear your debts (Alternate Method):

In earlier posts, we have studied the various options available from the Hindu Vedic Astrology to clear the debts. Now, we are going to learn another method that helps the person or a entire family to come out of their debts.

You must understand that there are 2 temples being constructed 1000's of year ago by the Chola Kings that are exclusively dedicated to clear the debts.

1. Lord Sara Parameswarar temple at Thirucherai: 

This particular temple is located between Kumbakonam and Tiruvarur (Central Tamilnadu). The Presiding deity is Lord Sara Parameshwarar (Lord Shiva) and Goddess Gnanavalli. The Runa (Debts) Vimo-Chana (Relief) Lingam is located inside the temple. This particular Lingam is specifically installed to clear the debts of every human who are born in this world. The Runa Vimochana Lingaeswarar will give you immense relief from your debts

2. Thiyagaraja Swamy Temple, Tiruvarur:

This particular temple is also more than 1000 years old and was built by Chola Kings. This particular temple is loacted at Tiruvarur (a town in Central Tamilnadu). There are two Lingam in the temple @ Rana (wounds) Vimo-chana (Relief) Lingam and Runa (Debts) Vimo-Chana (Relief) Lingam. Rana Vimochana Lingaeswarar will give immense relief from your illness and Runa Vimochana Lingaeswarar will give you immense relief from your debts.

What is Debts?

Debts are classified into 3 types.

1. Deva Runa (Debts to Gods)
2. Rishi Runa (Debts to Sages or Gurus)
3. Pithru Runa (Debts to ancestors)

One must understand that a person can't come out of his/her life cycle, if they fail to clear all these debts during their lifetime. Let me explain these issues with an example.

1. If a person makes a vow before the God to get something done in his life and fails to fulfill his/her promises, the God will make him/her to be born again and again till he/she fulfills his/her earlier promises. This is called as Deva Runa.

2. If a Person fails to keep his/her promises with their Guru's (genuine one only), then he/she may have to fulfill their commitments in their re-births.

3. If a Person fails to do Pithru Tharpanam and Shraddham to satisfy their dead ancestors, then they would go through the re-birth to complete their task.

If a person fails to fulfill his/her promises or cheats others (money, marriage, properties or commitments), then this person will have to born again to complete the task. That is, the Person will be surrounded by the affected peoples in the form of wife, husband, children, relatives, friends, neighbours, business partners, known or unknown peoples during the current lifetime. Thus you need to settle down every obligations before you complete your lifetime. Everyone must understand that any unfinished commitments would get carried over to your next birth.

Hence worshipping the Runa Vimochana Lingaeswarar would helps you to clear all your debts including your financial debts.

Methods to worship Runa Lingaeswarar (to everyone in this world):

1. Go to any temple (near your place) and do a puja to Lord Ganesh. Pray to him that you are about to start a Parihara methods to clear your debts. Pray to Lord Ganesh that he must give necessary strength both physically and mentally, Pray to God that he guards your Pariharam to go without any interruptions in the middle. Pray to Lord Ganesh that He helps you to finish your Pariharam to bring the desired results.

2. Then worship Lord Shiva. Tell Him that you regard the Lord Shiva (one, whom you worship in your place) as Runa Vimochana Lingeswarar.

3. Place your geneuine demands. Please be careful about what you ask. The Lord Shiva is always fond of playing with his devotees. If you do not know how to ask him, just pray to Lord Shiva that "You know my problems. As a Father, You please take care of Your little children".

4. You must do worship for the Lord Shiva for 11 weeks.

5. Go to Lord Shiva temple on every Monday evening between 4.30 to 6.00 PM in the evening. This particular puja is called as "Somavar Puja". During this time Lord Shiva would be very happy with Goddess Parvathi. The Abhisekam with the raw rice powder to the Lord Shiva is the key for successfully reducing the debts.

6. Take with you raw Rice powder and offer it to the God. The priest will do Abisekham with your raw rice powder. People who are living in North India, just mix the raw rice powder with water. Pour the mix on the Lingam and offer flower and pray (as per your customs). People who do not have access to temples to pray, can keep the Lingam in their own Puja rooms and do the rituals by yourself. We will write the conditions and precautions to be taken for keeping Lingam in our Puja house in our next posts.

7. You can also offer (any one or any combinations) Milk, Curd, Honey, Tender coconut water, Sandalwood paste, Lime Juice, Sugarcane Juice, Holy Ash, Rose water, Turmeric Powder and Fruits mixed with Jaggery (country made sugar).

8. You must avoid non-vegetarian foods, alocholic drinks, any form of drugs, sexual thoughts or activities, harsh words, anger, jealousness and any unethical or immoral thoughts or practices. This is an important factor in fructifying your demands.

9. If you want you can fast. During that time, you can eat fruits, fruit juices, drinks based on Milk, uncooked vegetables or Coconut, beaten rice mixed with Milk. You can skip your regular meal in the night and adjust it with the above mentioned menu.

10. Chant the "Om Nama Sivya Namaho" any number of times during the 11 weeks periods.

11. If possible, do a Puja on every Monday on your name by telling your Rasi and Nakshatra. If not atleast do it on the concluding day.

You will really see a complete relief from your debts after the completion of 11 weeks of Prayer to Lord Shiva. When your demands are met, you are advised to visit the Lord Saraparameshwarar Temple at Thirucherai and deliver a special prayer of thanks to Lord Runa Vimochana Lingaeswarar.


1. Do not do e-archanas, as they will increase your problems.

2. Do not ask anyone to do the Pariharam on your behalf (like Parents, wife or an employee). This will further increase your burden.

3. You should not develop any pessimism in the middle of your Pariharam. 

Monday, 27 January 2014


How to safeguard your marriage life?

The word "Kalathiram" denotes the life partner. Hence the phrase "Kalathira Dosham" actually indicates the troubles lies ahead in the marital relationship between the Couples. Given below are the remedies to avoid facing any marital discard between the Couples.

1. The following are the rituals to be performed by the Boy or the Girl who has Kalathira Dosham in their horoscope. This ritual must be done before the actual Marriage itself.

2. The person who has identified with the Kalathira Dosham must be performed a marriage ceremony with Banana Stone.

3. A temple has been dedicated to eradicate the "Kalathira Dosham" is loacted near Trichy (Central Tamilnadu)

4. Lord Sri Gilivaneshwarar Temple located in a small village called Thirupaichungili. The small village is located 24 kms away from Trichy and 4 kms away from an important small township called Mannachanallur (which is an important market for Rice). The village is located on the North Western side of the Trichy town.

5. The Kalathira Dosham Pariharam is also called as Thirumana Dosha Pariharam.

6. The Best day for conducting this Pariharam is either on Friday or Sunday. The Best time for conducting this Pariharam is between 9 am to 12 Noon.

7. The Temple authorities have fixed Rs.500/- as the fees for conducting this rituals. The amount can be paid across the counter and everyone will be guided by the guides who are specifically instructed to do this job. (The information is updated in July 2016)

8. The temple authorities conduct the marriage rituals in the Kathali Vanam (a specifc place inside the temple with many banana trees). You will be guided and assisted by the Purohits for completing the rituals.

9. After completing this rituals, you will be guided to worship the Lord Shiva and Parvathi Amman.

10. You may have to pay a small amount both to the Purohits (who conducted the marriage) and the guide, who has taken you around the temple.

11. You can also donate some amount to participate in the "Anna Dhanam" (Feeding the Needy). The temple authorities provide free food to poor people on daily basis.

Importance of Doing the Kalathira Dosha Pariharam in the Lord Gilivanaeshwarar temple:

Once Lord Shiva was doing penance at this particular place. Goddess Parvathi also wanted to join this Penance. During those time, this particular place was barren and empty. Hence Goddess Parvathi had converted the heavenly Angels (who are considered ever as Virgins) into banana trees to give shade and beauty to the entire area.

The word Gili means banana in tamil. Vanam means forest in Tamil. Thus the Lord Shiva is called Gilivanaeshwarar meaning that the Lord Shiva in the midst of banana tree forest. Lord Shiva is also called as "Kathalivanaeshwarar". Here also the word "Kathali" refers to a banana family.

Hence it is assumed that the banana trees (Kathali meaning banana) standing within the temple premises are considered to be the living heavenly angels. Thus a marriage getting solemnized with a banana tree is actually a boy or girl getting married to a heavenly angel (who is a virgin) at the initial level.

When the actual marriage that takes place with their loved ones, the Boy or Girl actually gets into a wedlock for the second time @ marriage with the Kathali being the first marriage. Thus their "Kalathira Dosham" gets rectified.

Let us see the methods of removing Kalathira Dosham, if a marriage is happend already in our subsquent posts.   

Monday, 14 October 2013


Lord Thayumanavar Swamy Temple, Trichy

The presiding deity is called as the Lord Chevvanthi Nathar (Lord Shiva) and Goddess Mattuvar Kulalammai (Goddess Parvathi). The Lord Chevvanthi Nathar was called as the "Thayum-mana-var Swamy" meaning "He who become the Mother".

How the Lord Shiva becomes the Mother?

Long ago, Rathina Guptan, a merchant trading in valuable gems was living near Poompuhar, a coastal town loacted in Tamilnadu. He was extremely rich but very devout worshipper of Lord Shiva. He had helped number of Saivite institutions and also helped many Lord Shiva deities. Lord Shiva blessed him with a beautiful girl child Rathinavathi. When she attained her age, he married his daughter to Dhana Guptan, who was living on the foothills of rocky terrain that carries the famous Lord Chevvanthi Nathar temple. The temple was loacted atop the rocky hill. Dhana Guptan was also a staunch Lord Shiva devotee. Hence both the couples Rathinavathi and Dhana Guptan used to worship Lord Chevvanthi Nathar and Goddess Mattuvar Kulalammai on daily basis by offering various Pujas.

Due to this, the Rathinavathi conceived a child in her womb. But the Couple never missed a day to pray Lord Chevvanthi Nathar. When the day neared for the child delivery, the Mother of the Rathinavathi started her journey towards Trichy. Those days there were no transports, roads and bridges to travel. When the Mother of the Rathinavathi reached the northern banks of Cauvery river, the river was over flowing with flood water. Hence the boatmen can not take the peoples accross the river. Hence the Rathinavathi Mother had to wait in the northern banks of the river for the night. Here Rathinavathi was having Labour pain to child delivery in her house, which was loacted in the Souther banks of river cauvery.

But Lord Chevvanthi Nathar itself came to Rathinavathi's house in the guise of the Rathinavathi's Mother. The Lord ensured that the Rathinavathi faced no agony or pain. The Lord Chevvanthi Nathar ensured the safety of both the Rathinavathi and her new born child for the whole night. When the boatman arranged to cross the River Cauvery in the early Morning, the original Mother also came to her daughter Rathinavathi's house.

Now, everyone was confused and surprised by seeing two women having the resemblance of Rathinavathi's Mother. The Lord Chevvanthi Nathar resembling the Rathinavathi's mother had disappeared. To everyone's surprise, the Lord Chevvanthi Nathar along with Goddess Mattuvar Kulalammai appeared in the Skies. They were surrounded by Lord Ganesh, Lord Muruga, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and along with Indira and those residing in the Deva Loga. The Lord Chevvanthi Nathar and everyone went inside the temple.

Thus the Lord Chevvanthi Nathar was called as the "Thayum-Anavar" in tamil meaning that "He who becomes the Mother".

Suggestions for Girls, who wish to conceive and wish to have smooth delivery of the child (along with the safety and wellbeing of Mother and the newborn):

1. Make a wish within your mind to Lord Thayumanavar Swamy.

2. Worship Lord Thayumanavar on daily basis by worshipping in your house during the time of pregnancy and also before conceiving.

3. Chant this following Mantra (atleast 9 times or 108 times in a day):

Hae Sankara, Samara-hara, Bra-matha-thi Nathaa,
Maana-tha, Samba, Sasi-suda, Hara, Tri-Sulin
Sambo, Sukap-prasavak-ruth, Pavamae, Dhayalao,
Sree Mathru-budha, Siva, Palaya-maam, Namasthae:

ஹே சங்கர, ஸ்மரஹர, பிரமாதி நாதா, 
மன்னாத, ஸாம்ப, சசிசூட, ஹர, த்ரிசூலின்,
ஸ்ம்போ ஸ்கப்பிரசவக்ருத், பவமே, தயாளோ,
ஸ்ரீ மாத்ருபூத, சிவ, பாலயாமாம், நமஸ்தே:

ஹே சங்கர, ஸ்மரஹர, பிரமாதி நாதா, 
மன்னாத, ஸாம்ப, சசிசூட, ஹர, த்ரிசூலின்,
ஸ்ம்போ ஸ்கப்பிரசவக்ருத், பவமே, தயாளோ,
ஸ்ரீ மாத்ருபூத, சிவ, பாலயாமாம், நமஸ்தே:

4. After you enjoy trouble free Child delivery and gifted with the wonderful child, please you must visit the temple along with your husband, newborn and your family members.

5. There would be a cradle in the temple itself. You must put the newborn baby in the cradle

6. You must bring bunch of bananas as your humble offerings to Lord Thayumanavar Swamy and must thank him.

7. You can do Puja or Abisekham or arrange for Annadhanam (anyone or all) 

Lord Chevvanthi Nathar would take role of the Mother as Thayumanavar to the new born baby by every kind of blessing during the entire lifetime.

Temple's Architechture:

It is a feast to our eye sights. This maginficient temple is a 3 tier storey temple built naturally on the rocks. You would wonder about the manner that it had been built before 1500 years back. The Lingam, sanctum and sanctorium and Mandapam are all built by excavating the rocks itself. The temple is loacted in the heart of Tiruchirappalli or Trichy which is in the central Tamilnadu. 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Temples dedicated to control Fever

Runa Pariharam: Pariharam to control Fever

Temple to control the Fever
Runa Pariharam; Controlling the fever through worships
Lord Jurakeswarar in the Thyumana Swamy Temple located in the Trichy (Tiruchirapalli), Tamilnadu (South India) is the deity dedicated to control or eradicate or prevent getting affected by any form of fever.

Juram means Fever, Eswarar point towards Lord Shiva. The main deity is Lord Shiva who is called as Chevvanthi Nathar or Thayumana Swamy. We will see the importance of Thayumana Swamy in our next post. We advise the people who suffers from the following troubles to worship and do Puja for Lord Jurakeswarar.

1. Those who often gets affected by fever due to various reasons.

2. Those who gets troubled by continuous or high level of fever.

3. Those who want to prevent any form of fever at any point of their lifetime.

How the Puja Should be done for Lord Jurakeswarar?

1.     Do Abhisekam for the Lord Jurakeswarar with Milk, Tender Coconut, Sandal wood paste, Rose water and Curd.
2.     Offer Miagu Rasam Rice – Cooked raw rice mixed with hot water spiced with black pepper.
3.     Do Puja in the name of the affected person?


The temple is located in the heart of Trichy atop a small hilly rock. The charges for offering Abhisekam is Rs. 350/- only. You can also buy any quantity of the above mentioned Abhisekam materials out of your own interests. When someone gets affected by severe fever do remember Lord Jurakeswarar. Don't forget to visit the temple and offer prayer to the Lord Jurakeswarar once your fever is gone for ever. There are other temples that has both the Lord Jurakeswarar as main deity and also placed as the sub-lord in the periphery of some other temples. Following are the list of other temples that people can worship Lord Jumbukeswarar. 

Lord Jurakeswarar Temples:

1.     Lord Jurakeswarar Temple, Kanchipuram Town (*This temple is maintained by Archaeological Society of India (ASI)). Here the Lord Jurakeswarar as main deity.
2.     Kurungaleeswarar Temple, Koyambedu, Chennai – Here the Lord Jurakeswarar remains in the form of “Linga” outside the main deity.
3.     Lord Jurakeswarar Temple, Sembanar Kovil, Nagapittanam District
4.     Lord Jurakeswarar deity within the “Vaitheeswarar Temple” (Lord Mars temple).


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