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Wednesday, 9 January 2013


The Sage Pathanjali who is believed to have lived in this place is said to have attained "Jeeva Samadhi". The Pathanjali sage has given a Gayathri Mantra in the praise of Lord Brahma. By chanting this Gayatri Mantra, the person would be blessed by the Lord Brahma, Sage Pathanjali and all other 9 crore devas and sages too. Please find the Gayathri Mantra:

ஓம் சிவதத்வாய வித்மஹே 
யோகாந்தராய தீமஹி 
தன்னோ பதஞ்சலி குரு ப்ரசோதயாத்: 


Om Sivathatvaya Vithmahe
Yogaantharaya Dheemahi
Thanno Pathanjali Guru Prajothayath:

Note: By chanting 108 times of Mantra in a week, a person will roughly chant (52 weeks x 108 times) = 5616 times. Thus within 2 years, a person would have chanted nearly 11,000 time of Mantra. This will bring faclitate the particular Graha to work for you in seamless manner. 


The Lord Shiva have itself given us a opportunity to re-correct or re-access our horoscope, if we find it bit too unlucky or having troublesome life. But correcting the Horoscope does not mean that you can change your existing horoscope at your will.

There is a Lord Shiva temple located at Thiru Pattur near Trichy. Lord Brahmapureeswarar is at the sanctum sanctorum of this very old temple. The Goddess is Brahma Sampath Gowri and her sanctum sanctorum is located to the left side of the Lord Brahmapureeswarar temple.

The Lord Brahma is located to the south side of Lord Shiva's sanctum santorum. There are also 11 other lingams installed by the Lord Brahma itself.

History of the Lord Brahmapureeswarar Temple at Thiru Pattur:

The Lord Brahma, who is wholly responsible for the creation of everything in the Universe had started feeling  proud of himself and his ability. Due to this behaviour, the Lord Brahma had chosen to ignore even the Lord Shiva. To teach a lesson to the Lord Brahma, the Lord Shiva plucked one head out of five heads of the Lord Brahma. Also the Lord Shiva took away the Creator job from the Lord Brahma too. This curse had taken away the brightness out of the Lord Brahma.

The Lord Brahma had realised his mistake and asked for the pardon from the Lord Shiva. As per the instructions given by the Lord Shiva, the Lord Brahma had established 12 Lingams in this Thiru Pattur town. His devotion to the Lord Shiva had worked the magic. The Lord Shiva removed his curse and returned his "Creator Job". The Goddess Brahma Sampath Gowri, gave him the original shine and beauty.

The Lord Shiva also gave the Lord Brahma the power to change the fate of people by re-writing it, as it was done in the case of Lord Brahma itself. The Words of Lord Shiva can be described as thus "Re-write the fate, wherever it is possible", when other people also come here. It has two meanings.

1. The fate can be re-written, only if there is a possibility according to their horoscope.

2. This temple can be visited only by the people, whose fate allows them to visit the temple.

The following troubles get erased automatically by visiting this temple.

1. Those who suffer from bad Mahadasa periods of various malefic planets.

2. Those who had lost their Job/Profession and loss and closure of their business.

3. Those who had lost their reputation and honor.

4. Those who had lost their business, assets and properties.

5. Those who suffer from ageing and lack of physical fitness.

6. Those who had separated from the family.

Tips while visiting the Temple:

1. Get flowers, ghee lamp and other Pooja materials from Trichy/Srirengam itself, because it is very costly in the shops run by the villagers. The Villagers had formed a syndicate among themselves and sell everthing at an exhorbinant costs.

2. Take your horoscopes along with you.

Method of doing Pariharam:

1. Flower and/or Puja for Lord Ganesha.

2. Do archana for Lord Brahmapureeswarar and offer flowers.

3. Do archana for Goddess Brahma Sampath Gowri and offer flowers.

4. Do archana for Lord Brahma by placing your horoscope in the archana and offer flowers too.

5. Light ghee lamps equivalent to your age.

6. You should go around the temple for a minimum of 3 times.

Who must compulsorily do the Pariharam?

1. Those who has Dhanusu (Sagittarius) and Meena (Pisces) either as Rasi or Lagna.

2. Those who has Punarpusam, Visakam and Purattathi as their Jenma Nakshatras (Birth Star).

3. All others, who want to forget the past and look for the bright future.

4. Those who are passing through Guru Mahadasa.

When it is good for visiting the temple?

1. Any Monday or Thursday.

2. Days with Punarpusam, Visakam, Thiruvathira, Sathayam and Purattathi stars.

3. The Day which has your Jenma Nakshatra.

How to reach the temple?

You need to travel from Trichy in the National Highways that takes you to Chennai. From Trichy Cantonment, the approximate distance is 30 Kms. From Samayapuram (Which is 14 Kms from Trichy), the temple is located 16 Kms away. When you travel from Trichy, you must cross Srirengam, Samayapuram crossroads, SRM Medical College and you reach a small town "Siruganur" on the National Highway.

While travelling from Trichy, you need to take a left turn before entering the small town "Siruganur". From the main road, you need to travel 4 kms to reach the temple. Buses ply from Trichy Chatram Bus stand and Samayapuram. Buses are few and comes often crowded. You can hire a taxi from Srirengam or Samayapuram cross road. The taxi rides would cost you Rs. 350/-.

Timing of the Temple:

Morning: 7 am to 12 noon.
Evening:  4 pm to  8 pm

(Timings are subject to change on festival times)

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