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Sunday, 1 November 2015


Temple that ensures faster and successful Marriages:

"Goddess Andal Temple at Srivilliputhur"

There were 12 Alwars who are revered by the Vaishnavites in Tamil Nadu. One among them was "Periya Alwar" (whose original name was Vishnu Chittar) lived in Srivilliputtur (a small temple town on the way from Madurai to Courtallam in the south western part of Tamil Nadu bordering the Western Ghats). The "Periya Alwar" was a ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was eager to have a children; and prayed to the God too. One day he found a beautiful baby girl in the garden situated within the Temple. Both the Periya Alwar and his wife took the Girl and named her as "Kodhai".

The Periya Alwar used to pick various flowers from the garden and used to make garlands for the Lord Vishnu on daily basis. He had sung many hymns in praise of Lord Vishnu. His daughter "Kothai" also used to help her father in picking up the flowers and also in preparing the garland. The Girl Kodhai grew up and became the ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. She wanted to marry Lord Ranganatha Swamy (The presiding deity in the Lord Vishnu temple in Srirangam, which is near Trichy) and considered Him as her husband.  She attained the name "Andal" due to her wish to get married to Lord Vishnu.

One day, Andal wore the garland by herself before his father "Periya Alwar" used to carry it to the temple for the garlanding of the Lord Vishnu. Andal wore the garland by herself by considering herself to the bride of the Lord. Andal considered her as the bride and looked into the mirror by wearing the garland. Not knowing this, Periya Alwar took the garland to the temple.

The temple priest found a strand of hair in the garland that was brought by the Periya Alwar. On seeing this, Periya Alwar returned to the house and rebuked the Andal for wearing the garland. He had prepared new garlands by using the newly plucked flowers. He rushed towards the Temple with the new garland. The Lord made the Periya Alwar to understand that He is happy and comfortable with the garland that was worn by the Andal. The Lord Vishnu was garlanded with the garland that was already worn by Andal.

The Andal was considered as the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and the Periya Alwar was the incarnation of Garuda. The Lord Vishnu finally married the Andal. Anyone, who wish to get married faster and want the marriage to be successful must worship both the Lord and the Andal in this temple. There are separate shrines for Lord, Andal and Periya Alwar.

Pariharam for the faster & successful Marriage:

1. You must do it for 9 weeks. You can do it either on Wednesdays (or) on Fridays.

2. You must be mentally and bodily clean on the Pariharam days. You must compulsorily take head bath.

3. It is highly advisable to do these Pariharam by visiting the Andal Temple situated in Srivilliputhur on all 9 weeks. For those who are staying far away from Srivilliputhur can do these Pariharam both on the 1st week (starting date) and on the 9th week (ending date) by visiting the Andal temple. They can do it in any Lord Vishnu temple which is nearer to their house for the intervening period of 7 weeks.

4. The garland must be prepared by the person, who wish to get married (* Mother/Aunts/Grandmother preparing the garland on behalf of their children will not get the required results).

5. You must prepare the garland by using flowers from different colors and varieties. You can use your imagination and prepare the garlands with different combination of flowers. (*The flower should not be made of plastic; and you should not use flowers that has no odour).

6. Garland the Lord with your garland. You must do the Puja both to the Lord and the Andal in your name (You must make a sankalpa for the early and successful marriage).

7.  Do it for 9 weeks. The Girls need not worry about the interruptions. They can continue to count 9 weeks omitting the break-up period.

8. You must complete your 9th week ritual by visiting the Andal Temple at Srivilliputhur. 

9. You must again visit the Temple along with your life partner, once the marriage is successfully completed. The Couples should conduct a Puja in their names both to the Lord and the Andal. 


1. No alcohol, eggs, non vegetarian foods, sexual thoughts and inter courses, use of harsh and filthy languages (applicable from early morning @ sunrise on the next day). If these are violated, then the pariharam would not deliver any results.

2. Both you are body and mind should be clean.

3. Fasting on these days would be of immense help.

4. Must avoid fast foods that induces your mind into worldly pleasures.

5. You must also wear Multi colored dresses.

6. This Pariharam would also help you to reduce the intensity of Budhan & the Sukra Dosha in your horoscope

7. It is advisable for those who have Budhan & the Sukra in the malefic houses (or) remaining weak in the natal horoscopes.

How to reach Srivilliputhur?

1. It is located 600 Kms away from Chennai; and lies South West of Tamil Nadu.

2. Srivilliputhur has a Railway station, situated on the Madurai - Tenkasi route.

3. It is located nearly 100 kms away from the Madurai. 

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