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Monday, 14 October 2013


Lord Thayumanavar Swamy Temple, Trichy

The presiding deity is called as the Lord Chevvanthi Nathar (Lord Shiva) and Goddess Mattuvar Kulalammai (Goddess Parvathi). The Lord Chevvanthi Nathar was called as the "Thayum-mana-var Swamy" meaning "He who become the Mother".

How the Lord Shiva becomes the Mother?

Long ago, Rathina Guptan, a merchant trading in valuable gems was living near Poompuhar, a coastal town loacted in Tamilnadu. He was extremely rich but very devout worshipper of Lord Shiva. He had helped number of Saivite institutions and also helped many Lord Shiva deities. Lord Shiva blessed him with a beautiful girl child Rathinavathi. When she attained her age, he married his daughter to Dhana Guptan, who was living on the foothills of rocky terrain that carries the famous Lord Chevvanthi Nathar temple. The temple was loacted atop the rocky hill. Dhana Guptan was also a staunch Lord Shiva devotee. Hence both the couples Rathinavathi and Dhana Guptan used to worship Lord Chevvanthi Nathar and Goddess Mattuvar Kulalammai on daily basis by offering various Pujas.

Due to this, the Rathinavathi conceived a child in her womb. But the Couple never missed a day to pray Lord Chevvanthi Nathar. When the day neared for the child delivery, the Mother of the Rathinavathi started her journey towards Trichy. Those days there were no transports, roads and bridges to travel. When the Mother of the Rathinavathi reached the northern banks of Cauvery river, the river was over flowing with flood water. Hence the boatmen can not take the peoples accross the river. Hence the Rathinavathi Mother had to wait in the northern banks of the river for the night. Here Rathinavathi was having Labour pain to child delivery in her house, which was loacted in the Souther banks of river cauvery.

But Lord Chevvanthi Nathar itself came to Rathinavathi's house in the guise of the Rathinavathi's Mother. The Lord ensured that the Rathinavathi faced no agony or pain. The Lord Chevvanthi Nathar ensured the safety of both the Rathinavathi and her new born child for the whole night. When the boatman arranged to cross the River Cauvery in the early Morning, the original Mother also came to her daughter Rathinavathi's house.

Now, everyone was confused and surprised by seeing two women having the resemblance of Rathinavathi's Mother. The Lord Chevvanthi Nathar resembling the Rathinavathi's mother had disappeared. To everyone's surprise, the Lord Chevvanthi Nathar along with Goddess Mattuvar Kulalammai appeared in the Skies. They were surrounded by Lord Ganesh, Lord Muruga, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and along with Indira and those residing in the Deva Loga. The Lord Chevvanthi Nathar and everyone went inside the temple.

Thus the Lord Chevvanthi Nathar was called as the "Thayum-Anavar" in tamil meaning that "He who becomes the Mother".

Suggestions for Girls, who wish to conceive and wish to have smooth delivery of the child (along with the safety and wellbeing of Mother and the newborn):

1. Make a wish within your mind to Lord Thayumanavar Swamy.

2. Worship Lord Thayumanavar on daily basis by worshipping in your house during the time of pregnancy and also before conceiving.

3. Chant this following Mantra (atleast 9 times or 108 times in a day):

Hae Sankara, Samara-hara, Bra-matha-thi Nathaa,
Maana-tha, Samba, Sasi-suda, Hara, Tri-Sulin
Sambo, Sukap-prasavak-ruth, Pavamae, Dhayalao,
Sree Mathru-budha, Siva, Palaya-maam, Namasthae:

ஹே சங்கர, ஸ்மரஹர, பிரமாதி நாதா, 
மன்னாத, ஸாம்ப, சசிசூட, ஹர, த்ரிசூலின்,
ஸ்ம்போ ஸ்கப்பிரசவக்ருத், பவமே, தயாளோ,
ஸ்ரீ மாத்ருபூத, சிவ, பாலயாமாம், நமஸ்தே:

ஹே சங்கர, ஸ்மரஹர, பிரமாதி நாதா, 
மன்னாத, ஸாம்ப, சசிசூட, ஹர, த்ரிசூலின்,
ஸ்ம்போ ஸ்கப்பிரசவக்ருத், பவமே, தயாளோ,
ஸ்ரீ மாத்ருபூத, சிவ, பாலயாமாம், நமஸ்தே:

4. After you enjoy trouble free Child delivery and gifted with the wonderful child, please you must visit the temple along with your husband, newborn and your family members.

5. There would be a cradle in the temple itself. You must put the newborn baby in the cradle

6. You must bring bunch of bananas as your humble offerings to Lord Thayumanavar Swamy and must thank him.

7. You can do Puja or Abisekham or arrange for Annadhanam (anyone or all) 

Lord Chevvanthi Nathar would take role of the Mother as Thayumanavar to the new born baby by every kind of blessing during the entire lifetime.

Temple's Architechture:

It is a feast to our eye sights. This maginficient temple is a 3 tier storey temple built naturally on the rocks. You would wonder about the manner that it had been built before 1500 years back. The Lingam, sanctum and sanctorium and Mandapam are all built by excavating the rocks itself. The temple is loacted in the heart of Tiruchirappalli or Trichy which is in the central Tamilnadu. 

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