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Sunday, 27 January 2013


Which is the best place to do Pariharam?

The Pallava King of Kanjeevaram (Kanchipuram, which is 60 kms from Chennai) had decided to construct a magnificent temple for Lord Shiva. He held discussed with his ministers, artisians and spritual peoples on the constructions of the temple. He gave many instructions on the shape, size, design and locations on constructing many part of the temples on elaborate basis. The King brought all his dream into reality by getting everyone's cooperation within his kingdom. He had spent all his resources at his disposal to construct a magnificent temple in his life time.

At the same time, Pusalar, a small farm worker from Tiruniravoor (30 Kms from Kanchipuram and near to Chennai) was also dreaming about building a temple for Lord Shiva. The Pusalar's meagre income was not even sufficient to feed himself. But the dream of building a magnificient temple had not gone away from the Pusalar's mind. The Pusalar had also planned a magnificent design for his dream temple and scanned every inches in detail within his mind. The dream temple also had mandapam, ponds, garden, gopurams, kitchen and many other wonderful facilities for the Lord Shiva.

Both the King and the Pusalar had almost reached the completion of the constructions of their respective temples. Both of them had fixed an auspicious day (same day) for the Maha Kumbhabiseham (Installation of the deity). The Pallava King had started making elaborate arrangements to make the Maha Kumbhabiseham a grand success. There was celebrations all over the Pallava Kingdom. No one noticed or ever know about the dream temple being built by the Pusalar and also ready for Maha Kumbabiseham.

Few days before the Maha Kumbabiseham, the Pallava King had dream during his sleep. Lord Shiva appeared on the dream and asked the king to postpone his Kumbabiseham and fix another date for it. The Lord had informed the King about his intention of attending the Maha Kumbabiseham of another new temple being built by one Thiru.Pusalar within his Kingdom.

The King was disappointed and informed the public about his dream. He had then directed to his officials to find out "Who is Pusalar?" and "Where the new temple is being built?" and also "What is the importance of that temple over the temple built by him?".

The Officials went in all directions and returned with the news about the Pusalar. "The Pusalar was an ordinary farm worker" and there was no temple being built by Pusalar within his Kingdom. Then entourage of the King went and met the Pusalar and informed him about his dream. There upon the Pusalar told the King that new temple indeed was being built within his mind.

The Pallava King had realized the truth. He had then realized the value of true love towards the God. The Temple built by the Pallava King has been dedicated to Lord Masilamaneeswarar and Goddess Kodiyidai Amman. The temple has been located in the Thirumullaivayal, north - western outskirts of Chennai on the main road connecting Chennai - Avadi - Thiruvallur.

CONCLUSION: If your mind is sacred as the sanctum santorum of a temple, then the God would always love to be there. Hence the readers are advised to realize that your pariharam would have a lasting impact based on your closeness to the God. The Pariharam does not hold any value, if it is weighed with money, place or the power. The love and affection towards the God would have a huge impact on the pariharam, no matter how much you spend and where and how you do the pariharam.

Thiru.Pusalar is one of the 63 Nayanmars who has the previlige of staying within the Shiva temple. These 63 Nayanmars have been revered for the love, affection and unflinching loyalty to the Lord Shiva even now.

Temple to rectify the health problems: 

Any one, who has health problems that are related to heart, they must visit this temple loacted in the town named Thirumullaivayal, located in the north-western suburb of Chennai. Do a meditation by yourself and do puja to Lord Masilamaneeswarar both within your heart and also to the presiding deity; you would wonder, where your health problem had gone? 

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