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Thursday, 18 February 2016


How to Light up your Home: 

Lighting up a house is considered as an important aspect in the Hindu Religion to drive out the poverty out of your house.

1. Lighting should be compulsorily done on the "Kala Sandhi" times. The "Kala Sandhi" is the time, where the day meets the night; and the night meets the day @ early morning before sunrise; and the evening time after sunset (before the complete darkness).

2. Lighting done on "Kuttu Vilakku" (a standing lamp), which has lighting provision on 5 directions at the top. (See the picture).

3. Lamp should be made up of Copper, Brass, Silver (or) Gold. The Lamp should not be made of Iron, Stainless steel, Nickel, Aluminium, Alloy (or) any other metals.

4. The Lamp should not be placed in the Ground; it should be seated on a wooden plank.

5. Best Time for Lighting up the Lamp: Early morning (04.30 am to 06.00 am) and Evening (05.30 pm to 06.30 pm).

6. The Lamp should be cleaned only on the evening hours on Mondays and Thursdays.

7. You must put turmeric and Kumkum (Vermilion) powder to the Lamp and must be decorated (or) garlanded with the available flowers of any size.

8. The Lighting would provide the following results in your life.

a. If the Lamp is directed towards the East, it would remove the poverty and nullify all doshas created by the Grahas (Planets).

b. If the Lamp is directed towards the West, then it would reduce your liabilities and helps to neutralize your enemies.

c.  If the Lamp is directed towards the North, then it would increase your assets and the financial position; and helps to get married faster.

d. If the Lamp is directed towards the South, then it would bring bad luck, illness, misery, poverty and death.

9. You will enjoy the following the results in your by lighting the lamp in the below mentioned manner.

a. Lighting a single deepam (flame) on the top of the Lamp will yield minimal benefits.

b.  Lighting a double deepam (flame) on the top of the Lamp will yield unity and peacefulness within the family members.

c.  Lighting a triple deepam (flame) on the top of the Lamp will yield children who will bring name and fame to his/her parents.

d.  Lighting a four deepam (flame) on the top of the Lamp will fetch you the gain of land, the valuables and good lifestyle.

e.  Lighting a five deepam (flame) on the top of the Lamp will yield spectacular level of income.

10. You must use Cow ghee (or) gingelly oil for the lighting of a lamp. You must not use any type of other oils either singularly (or) by mixing it together.

11. You will get the following benefits by using different type of wicks to light the lamp.

a. Wick made up of Cotton - Good and Auspicious event will happen in the house.

b. Wick made up of Lotus Stem: Loads of happiness with your future generations; peacefulness in the family.

c. Wick made up of  Calotropis Gigantea planet stem (See Picture): Exponential level of income.

d. Wick made out of new cotton cloth dipped in turmeric powder and then dried: Negative forces would exit from your house. Safety and security against the Black Magic. The Whole family would be blessed and would be gifted with all the goodness in this world.

12. Putting out the Lamp: You should slightly pull the wick towards the oil (or) cow ghee completely, so as to put out the flame.

Don'ts while lighting the Lamp: 

1. No one should be asleep on any part of the house, when the Lamp is being lit up.

2. No one should take bath while the Lamp is lit.

3. You should take head bath, before lighting up the lamp.

4. You should not clean (or) wash (or) dust your house while the Lamp is being lit.

5. Do not cut your hair (or) nail; or shave (or) trim your hair, while the Lamp is being lit.

6. Do not blow air from your mouth to shut out the flame in the Lamp.  Don't press the wick with your hand to put out the flame.

7. No one should put their finger into the Oil, while the Lamp is being lit.

8. You must clean your hand (if it is covered with the oil) only with the separate cloth. You should not clean it by scrating it into your body/hair/cloth.

9. Don't touch the lamp (or) light up the lamp, if you are unsure about the cleanliness of both your body and the mind.

10. Don't cook any non-vegetarian foods in the house; and don't bring non-vegetarian foods into the house.

Author's Opinion: By simply lighting up a lamp (or) few lamps both in the morning and also in the evening would provide spectacular success in your financial position (Conditions must be followed without fail (or) compromises).  

Sunday, 10 January 2016


How to avoid Poverty?

"Poverty" can be equated with financial deficiencies (or) difficulties that a person (or) a family would experience in their life. The below mentioned situations can be equated to Poverty.

1. Liabilities more than assets.
2. Liabilities more than income.
3. Expenses more than income.
4. Less income (or) meagre income
5. No assets (or) diluted value of assets.

How to avoid the financial difficulties? 

The Goddess of Wealth & Good Luck is Goddess Sri Devi. The Goddess of Poverty & Bad Luck is Goddess Moo Devi. The Moo Devi is the Elder sister; and the Sri Devi is the Younger sister. Everybody wants the presence of Goddess Sri Devi; and nobody wants the presence of Goddess Moo Devi.

The Goddess Moo Devi (Goddess of Poverty & Bad Luck) went and prayed to Lord Vishnu. The Goddess Moo Devi wanted her presence to be felt in certain part of this world. The Lord Vishnu granted her certain places, where she can go, rest, stay and live happily. The below mentioned places are most preferred places on the earth for the Goddess Moo Devi (Goddess of Poverty & Bad Luck).

1. Those who eat Curd and Spinach after the Sunset.

2. Those eat Curd, Milk with any Non-Vegetarian foods.

3. Those who pay money (in any form) after the Sunset.

4. Those who allow others to carry water from their houses after the Sunset.

5. Those who deliver, receive (or) handover any articles across the doorstep.

6. Those who deliver, receive (or) handover any articles (or) money through the left hand.

7. Those who jump (or) criss cross the used food plate, any type of clothes and pillows.

8. Those who go out without combing (or) without tying up their hair.

9. Those who come out of their bathroom by letting the water to drip from their hair.

10. Those who take bath without wearing any clothes.

11. Those who look at the mirror without wearing any clothes on them.

12. The Place where many dirty clothes (without being washed) are kept for more than a day.

13. Those who sleep even after the Sunrise.

14. Those who do not take head bath after the sexual intercourse.

15. Those who place (or) hang clothes in the door, door frame, windows and window frame.

16. The Place where the women are weeping.

17. Those who eat by holding their food plate in their hand (or) in their lap.

18. Those who eat, while walking (or) while lying in the bed.

19. Those who eat without taking bath (or) remaining in an unclean manner.

20. Those who eat, while wearing wet clothes.

21. Those who eat first before their guests.

22. Those who eat any food items without sharing with their guests.

23. Those who eat any food items without giving away to the children.

The above mentioned places are the most preferred place of the Goddess Moo Devi (Goddess of Poverty & Bad Luck). If you want to avoid financial difficulties, then you must not allow these things to happen in your life. 

Friday, 20 November 2015


What is Daridra Yoga?

"Daridra" means absolute Poverty. Hence the phrase "Daridra Yoga" indicate the probability of living in a absolute poverty conditions. Let us find certain simple steps to avoid facing "Daridra Yoga", which are being indicated in the Hindu Vedas.

Peoples must follow certain steps while cutting/shaving/trimming their hair (on any part of the body); and cutting & shaping the nails. Please note that the dosha created by cutting the hair/nail is more severe than the dosha created by the death. Hence, you must follow these guidelines to avoid inviting the Poverty.

1. You should not cut/shave/trim your hair & nails on the day of your birth.
Example: If you have born on Sunday, then you should not cut it on any Sundays.

2. You should not cut/shave/trim your hair & nails on the Tithi on the day of your birth.
Example: If you have born on Ekadasi Tithi, then you should not cut/trim/shave your hair/nail on any days with the Ekadasi Tithi.

3. You should not cut/shave/trim your hair & nails on days that comes with your Janma Nakshatra.
Example: If you have born on a day that come with Hastham Nakshatra, then you should not cut/trim/shave your hair/nail on the day that comes with the Hastham Nakshatra.

4. You should not cut/shave/trim your hair & nails on Amavasya & Pournami Tithi.

5. You should not cut/shave/trim your hair & nails on Tuesdays.
Example: A billionaire could become a pauper, if he/she cuts/trims/shaves hair/nail on Tuesdays.

6. No one should cut/shave/trim their hair & nails after noon. You must not do it after Sunset too.

7. No one should venture out to anywhere without taking head bath after cutting/trimming/shaving their hair (or) nails.

8. The clothes that were worn during the cutting/shaving/trimming the hair/nail should be soaked properly before taking the head bath.

9. You should not take Oil bath on the day that you had done the cutting/shaving/trimming the hair/nail.

10. Your house should not be cleaned (or) washed on the day that you had done the cutting/shaving/trimming the hair/nail.

Results: Failing to follow these guidelines would result in the "Daridra Yoga" which can lead to economical disaster. 

Sunday, 16 February 2014


Astrological Guide to clear your debts (Alternate Method):

In earlier posts, we have studied the various options available from the Hindu Vedic Astrology to clear the debts. Now, we are going to learn another method that helps the person or a entire family to come out of their debts.

You must understand that there are 2 temples being constructed 1000's of year ago by the Chola Kings that are exclusively dedicated to clear the debts.

1. Lord Sara Parameswarar temple at Thirucherai: 

This particular temple is located between Kumbakonam and Tiruvarur (Central Tamilnadu). The Presiding deity is Lord Sara Parameshwarar (Lord Shiva) and Goddess Gnanavalli. The Runa (Debts) Vimo-Chana (Relief) Lingam is located inside the temple. This particular Lingam is specifically installed to clear the debts of every human who are born in this world. The Runa Vimochana Lingaeswarar will give you immense relief from your debts

2. Thiyagaraja Swamy Temple, Tiruvarur:

This particular temple is also more than 1000 years old and was built by Chola Kings. This particular temple is loacted at Tiruvarur (a town in Central Tamilnadu). There are two Lingam in the temple @ Rana (wounds) Vimo-chana (Relief) Lingam and Runa (Debts) Vimo-Chana (Relief) Lingam. Rana Vimochana Lingaeswarar will give immense relief from your illness and Runa Vimochana Lingaeswarar will give you immense relief from your debts.

What is Debts?

Debts are classified into 3 types.

1. Deva Runa (Debts to Gods)
2. Rishi Runa (Debts to Sages or Gurus)
3. Pithru Runa (Debts to ancestors)

One must understand that a person can't come out of his/her life cycle, if they fail to clear all these debts during their lifetime. Let me explain these issues with an example.

1. If a person makes a vow before the God to get something done in his life and fails to fulfill his/her promises, the God will make him/her to be born again and again till he/she fulfills his/her earlier promises. This is called as Deva Runa.

2. If a Person fails to keep his/her promises with their Guru's (genuine one only), then he/she may have to fulfill their commitments in their re-births.

3. If a Person fails to do Pithru Tharpanam and Shraddham to satisfy their dead ancestors, then they would go through the re-birth to complete their task.

If a person fails to fulfill his/her promises or cheats others (money, marriage, properties or commitments), then this person will have to born again to complete the task. That is, the Person will be surrounded by the affected peoples in the form of wife, husband, children, relatives, friends, neighbours, business partners, known or unknown peoples during the current lifetime. Thus you need to settle down every obligations before you complete your lifetime. Everyone must understand that any unfinished commitments would get carried over to your next birth.

Hence worshipping the Runa Vimochana Lingaeswarar would helps you to clear all your debts including your financial debts.

Methods to worship Runa Lingaeswarar (to everyone in this world):

1. Go to any temple (near your place) and do a puja to Lord Ganesh. Pray to him that you are about to start a Parihara methods to clear your debts. Pray to Lord Ganesh that he must give necessary strength both physically and mentally, Pray to God that he guards your Pariharam to go without any interruptions in the middle. Pray to Lord Ganesh that He helps you to finish your Pariharam to bring the desired results.

2. Then worship Lord Shiva. Tell Him that you regard the Lord Shiva (one, whom you worship in your place) as Runa Vimochana Lingeswarar.

3. Place your geneuine demands. Please be careful about what you ask. The Lord Shiva is always fond of playing with his devotees. If you do not know how to ask him, just pray to Lord Shiva that "You know my problems. As a Father, You please take care of Your little children".

4. You must do worship for the Lord Shiva for 11 weeks.

5. Go to Lord Shiva temple on every Monday evening between 4.30 to 6.00 PM in the evening. This particular puja is called as "Somavar Puja". During this time Lord Shiva would be very happy with Goddess Parvathi. The Abhisekam with the raw rice powder to the Lord Shiva is the key for successfully reducing the debts.

6. Take with you raw Rice powder and offer it to the God. The priest will do Abisekham with your raw rice powder. People who are living in North India, just mix the raw rice powder with water. Pour the mix on the Lingam and offer flower and pray (as per your customs). People who do not have access to temples to pray, can keep the Lingam in their own Puja rooms and do the rituals by yourself. We will write the conditions and precautions to be taken for keeping Lingam in our Puja house in our next posts.

7. You can also offer (any one or any combinations) Milk, Curd, Honey, Tender coconut water, Sandalwood paste, Lime Juice, Sugarcane Juice, Holy Ash, Rose water, Turmeric Powder and Fruits mixed with Jaggery (country made sugar).

8. You must avoid non-vegetarian foods, alocholic drinks, any form of drugs, sexual thoughts or activities, harsh words, anger, jealousness and any unethical or immoral thoughts or practices. This is an important factor in fructifying your demands.

9. If you want you can fast. During that time, you can eat fruits, fruit juices, drinks based on Milk, uncooked vegetables or Coconut, beaten rice mixed with Milk. You can skip your regular meal in the night and adjust it with the above mentioned menu.

10. Chant the "Om Nama Sivya Namaho" any number of times during the 11 weeks periods.

11. If possible, do a Puja on every Monday on your name by telling your Rasi and Nakshatra. If not atleast do it on the concluding day.

You will really see a complete relief from your debts after the completion of 11 weeks of Prayer to Lord Shiva. When your demands are met, you are advised to visit the Lord Saraparameshwarar Temple at Thirucherai and deliver a special prayer of thanks to Lord Runa Vimochana Lingaeswarar.


1. Do not do e-archanas, as they will increase your problems.

2. Do not ask anyone to do the Pariharam on your behalf (like Parents, wife or an employee). This will further increase your burden.

3. You should not develop any pessimism in the middle of your Pariharam. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014



Many peoples suffer various form of troubles in their life. One among the troubles is that that the economic mismanagement that leads to debts and liabilities. These debts & Liabilities eats away the happiness of the family and in the worst case, it even leads to worst form of litigations and in some cases, it leads to death.

This article is written for people who are about to drown in the ocean of liabilities. Follow these guidelines to clear the debts and start a fresh and calm life.

1. Try to loacte the planet in the Horoscope that is responsible for creating debts. Do the Pariharam for the particular planet in a consistent manner till the debts are cleared or till the end of that bad Mahadasa or Antardasa periods.

2. Repay (even a small amount) during Mars (Kuja/Chevva) Hora on Tuesdays.

3. If the Tuesdays comes with Chittirai/Avittam (Dhanistha)/Mirugasirisa Nakshatra, then do not miss the particular day. Repay atleast a very small amount during Mars Hora @ 6 am to 7 am; 1 pm to 2 pm; 8 pm to 9 pm (all local time).

4. The time during Mesha Lagna (Aries Rising Sign) on any day that comes with Aswini Nakshatra. If that particular day is Tuesday, it is an wonderful day. Atleast small amount should be repaid during those time.

5. The time during the Viruchika Lagna (Scorpio Rising Sign) on any day that comes with Anusha Nakshatra. If that particular day is Tuesday, it is an wonderful day. Atleast small amount should be repaid during those time.

6. You can also repay during the eclipse period of Sun and Moon. The repayment should be done during the second half period of the Eclipse @ the time between Total Eclipse and the complete relief of either the Sun or Moon. 

7. Any Tuesdays that comes with Navami Thithi is a good day to make a small repayment. If it is done during Mars Hora, then it delivers excellent results.

8. The Chaturthi Thithi (4th day from Amavasya or Poornima) on Sundays and Saturdays are also deliver good results in fast clearance of liabilities.

9. The time mentioned as "Kuiligai" (in your daily calendar) on any day helps to clear your debts. 


1. Purity in mind & body are highly necessary to achieve superb and fastest results (on the day when a repayment is made).

2. No alochols, tobacco, drugs and Non Vegetarian foods must be consumed.

3. No sexual or criminal thoughts or actions.

4. You can pay cash or make online payments or write cheques during these above designated time to repay your debts. 

Our Hindu Religion offers wonderful solutions to various problems that affects us. Make use of it and enjoy a trouble free life.

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