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Sunday, 24 May 2015


Methods of doing Shiva Linga Puja at home:

Importance of doing Shiva Linga Puja: Everyone must understand that doing Puja and worshipping Lord Shiva brings enlightment, gains and benefits. One must understand that not everybody get a chance to do Shiv Puja during their lifetime.

The person will get a chance to do Puja for Lord Vishnu in the 101st of his birth time, if they perform Puja for all other Gods during their 100 previous birth time.

The person will get a chance to do Puja for Lord Shiva in their 101st birth time, if they perform Puja for Lord Vishnu  during their 100 previous birth time.

That is, the worship and Puja of Lord Shiva is possible only for those who have attained the maturity through their experiences during their previous births.

Mental Prepardness for doing Puja to Lord Shiva:

1. The Person should not remain jealous, angry, have possessive attitudes and possess vengenace.

2. The Person should not speak anything that hurts others mentally or physically either in a direct or indirect manner.

3. Puja should not be done to achieve the materialistic benefits like buying assets or earning huge money or enjoy the pleasures of the life.

4. The Person who conducts Puja must remain satisfied on everything that he/she has @ the person should have faith in the Lord Shiva that all his/her materialistic need would be met by the Lord Shiva in the hour of the need.

5.  The Puja must be done with utmost love, affection and dedication.

6. You must treat the Lord Shiva as your father or mother or mentor or friend or Guru/Acharya and as your own family member.

7. You must understand that the Lord Shiva remains within your body and soul. Hence you need to keep your mind clean.

8. A person can be called as a true Shiva bhakt, if he/she treats the other humans and all living creatures in an equal manner; and the will not think of (or) doing of any harm either mentally or physically.

9. You should not attend phone or speak to someone, while conducting the Puja.

Physical prepardness for doing Puja to Lord Shiva:

1. Cleanliness must be your first and foremost priority. You must take head bath everyday, before starting the Puja to Lord Shiva. There should not be any compromise on these issues.

2. You need to clean the Puja room/place and articles used for Pooja only after completing the head bath.

3. You must not indulge in any illegal or immoral or unthical sexual relationships. It is good that the person, who does Puja to Lord Shiva avoids sexual relationship with his/her life partner.

4. You must not eat Non-Vegetarian foods both within your house and also outside your house. The consumption of eggs are also borfidden.

5. You must take head bath, if you feel unclean by going into the toilet.

6. You should not physically engage with anyone, if you are not sure about their cleanliness both mentally and physically.

7. You should not touch or intrude or penetrate your finger into your mouth, eyes, ears, nose and private parts before or at the time of Puja. If you have done this, you become unfit to conduct the Puja, unless you again take a complete head bath.

8. You should not scratch your head and body using your hands/legs. If you have done this, you become unfit to conduct the Puja, unless you again take a complete head bath.

9. Your Puja dosen't deliver any results, if you continue to somoke (or) chew tobacco/pan masala (or) drink alochol (or) use any type of drugs.

Family preparedness for doing Puja to Lord Shiva:

1. All family members must take headbath before the start of Puja.

2. It is a sin to sleep or remain without taking bath for any family members, when other members of the family does the Puja in the Puja room.

3. Cooking and consuming of non-vegetarian foods by any other member of the family is completely forbidden.

4. Any family member, who helps to clean the house (Puja room) and cook the foods (for offerings to the God) must also remain clean both mentally and bodily.

5. Female family members should avoid Puja and its preparatory works during their menstrual periods.

Material preparedness for doing Puja to Lord Shiva:

1. You can offer any flowers to Lord Shiva.  You must not offer the following flowers to Lord Shiva

Kewra - Fragrant Screw Pine (English Name)

Pandanus odorifer (Botanical Name)

Gagan-dhu (Hindi Name)

தாழம்பூ - Thalambu (Tamil Name) 

2. You can offer the following flower to Goddess Parvathi; and it is preferable to avoid offering to Lord Shiva.

Biological Name: T. molla, K. molle, M.mulla.

English Name: Arabian jasmine

Tamil Name: முல்லை 

3. You must use the vessels made of Silver, Copper, Bronze or Mud to prepare any food to be offered to Lord Shiva. You should not use any vessels made of stainless steel, aluminium or any alloys which consits of Iron. You must maintain the same guidelines for the vessels or Puja materials to be used for conducting Puja. 

4. The Vessels and Puja articles should be cleaned separately and the process must be done regularly @ before the start of Puja. 

5. The Vessels and Puja articles should not be used for our personal use or for any other use. If any Puja articles or Vessels had been used for personal use would remain unfit for Puja thereafter.

6. Don't allow anyone to enter the Puja room and have physical contacts with the Puja materials. These guidelines must be vigrously maintained, if you are not sure about the Person's habits or characters. 

7. You must wash or sprinkle with water on any fruits or flowers that had been brought by others, before offering to the God. 

8. You should not offer any food that has been tasted already. 

Guidelines for conducting Shivling Puja:

1. You must start the Puja with Prayers to Lord Ganesha. 

2. You can also have idols of Lord Ganesh, Lord Subramaniya, Goddess Parvathi, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi alongside Lord Shiva. But you must understand that the worship of Shivling automatically brings the blessings of other Gods @ the Shivling itself represnts all other Gods.   

Note: The idols that are to be kept in the house (to be used for the Puja) should not be the bigger in size than your index finger. 

3. You should not keep the idols of any Guru or Acharya alongside the Shiva Linga. 

4. You can do the Abhisekham to the Lord Shiva with the any of these following materials:

1. Gingelly Oil - Your desire gets fulfilled. * Please be careful with your desire.

2. Pancha Kavyam (A mixture of Milk, Curd, Ghee, Cow dung and Cow urine that been dried and powdered) - Purification of Body and Mind.

3. Panchamirtham (A Blended mixture that contains ripe bananas, honey, Jaggery (or) Diamond Sugar, Cow Ghee and Dates) - Auspicious Events in the Family.

4. Cow Ghee - Eternal Bliss

5. Cow Milk - Life Longevity

6. Curd from Cow Milk - Blessings to get conceived and trouble pregnancy

7. Honey - Excellent Oratory Skills and Physical comfort.

8. Sugarcane Juice - Recovery from illness & healthy lifestyle

9. Fruit Juice - Abundant quantity of Grains and Pulses

10. Tender Coconut Water - Good fortunes. 

11. Sandalwood Poweder Paste - Abundant Wealth & Health. 

12. Raw Rice Powder - Debt free Lifestyle

13. Holy Ash - Brings Enlightment into the Life * Helps to understand the real meaning of the Life. 

14. Rose Water - Excellent public ratings & fame. 

5. If you are not in a position to do Abhiskham with all these materials, atleast do it with the cow Milk or any one or any combination of these materials.

6. You can eat or drink the honey, milk, fruit Juices and fruits. There is no harm in it. This would bring more goodness into the life.

7. You can pour the rose water, curd or the water mixed with Holy ash or Sandalwood paste; or all the water used for cleaning into any plants or trees that delivers vegetables, fruits or flowers. (OR) You can drain these water into your bore well or well. This would bring unimaginable level of wealth and health. 

8. Method of doing Abhisekham: 

1. You must not pour these materials from the container. You must transfer it to a vessel that is made up of Bronze, Copper, Silver or Gold. 

2. You can put some flower and must show Deepa Aarthi (Fire lit from the Lamp using the Ghee) to the Shivling, once you have completed an abhisekham using a particular material. 

3. After the aarti is completed, you must remove the flower and clean it with the water. Then only, you can start with the next abhisekham. 

9. Once the abhisekham is completed. then the Shivling must be decorated with flowers having fragrance. 

10. You can chant the Mantras (or) You can play "Rudram Samagam" through any audio equipment. 

11. You can offer any type of foods like Rice Pongal (both sweet and plain), variety rice, any other dishes made of Pulses and any type of fruits. 

12. You can complete the Puja with aarti with incense sticks, benzoine and camphor or ghee lamp. 

13. You must wait for the incense sticks to completely burn out, so that you can remove the Prasadam (food that has been offered to the God).

14. You can eat the Prasadam (offerings) and must share it with everyone present there. 

15. Only after this procedure is over, you can start having your normal breakfast. 

16. You must try to your maximum to do Puja on daily basis. You should not skip your Puja even for a day, whatever be the reason. 

17. If you are travelling and not in a position to do Puja for genuine reasons, then you can opt for these alternatives.

1. You can immerse the idols (Shivling) in water and keep it in the Puja room.
2. You can immerse the idols in Pulses and Grains and keep it in the Puja room. 

I wish that everyone, who read this and the everyone who practise this Puja will be blessed  by Lord Shiva on all important issues in their life. 

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