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Rina Pariharam: Pariharam (Remedial Measures) to be done to avoid any health problems that affects the blood.

1. Start the Rina Pariharam by doing a Pooja to Lord Ganesha for the successful completion of the Pariharam.

2. Select Sunday as the starting day for doing Rina Pariharam for any type of blood related illness like blood sugar, blood pressure, blood cancer, blood cloggings (or) to avoid facing any malefic effects of poisoning. 

3. Best time for doing this Pariharam is the Rahu Kalam (Period of Rahu) on Sundays @ 04.30 pm to 06.00 pm (your local time).

4. You need to chant this Mantra on Lord Sarabeswarar atleast 108 time (or) in multiples of 108. 

"Moola Mantra" of Lord Sarabeswarar:

Om Khem Kaum Bhatt
Hum bhatt sarva satru sam-hara-naya
Saraba salu-vaya
Patchi rajaya
Hum bhatt swahaa!

Lord Sarabeswarar:

Lord Sarabeswara is an "avatar" of Lord Shiva. The Lord Narasimha (Avatar of Lord Vishnu) became more ferocious after He had killed the "Asura" Iranya by toring his stomach and started drinking his blood. The Lord Narasimha became more ferocious after drinking the blood of the Asura @ the blood of Lord Narasimha became poisonous; and the universe was not able to withstand trauma of the events that had followed due to the fercious nature of Lord Narasimha.

Then everybody including Sage Naradha, Lord Indira and Lord Brahmatried their best to pacify the The Lord Narasimha; but met with no success. Then the Bhatka Prahalatha (the son of "Asura" Iranya; for whom the Lord Vishnu performed this avatar) had tried his best to stop the ferocious nature of The Lord Narasimha; but met with little success. Then they all went to Lord Shiva; and requested Him to save everyone in this Universe. Lord Shiva had approved their request.

The Lord Shiva had sent the Lord Veerabhadra (one of the avatar of Lord Shiva) to pacify the The Lord Narasimha. The Lord Veerabhadra had offered paryers to The Lord Narasimha; and tried his best to pacify. But the situation had started worsening and the Lord Veerabhadra had turned towards the Lord Shiva. At that time, everyone saw to their dis-belief that a very powerful light equivalent to the level of 1000 crore Sun had started emerging in that place.

Lord Shiva had taken a new avatar named "Lord Sarabeswarar" with  a mix of an animal, a bird and a human. The new avatar of Lord Shiva had 8 legs, 4 hands, 3 eyes, nose of a bird called "Saraba"; and half the body of an animal "Yali" (the animal "Yali" was considered as very powerful as per Hindu Religious texts); and half the body of a human with Lion head; the with two powerful wings as "Goddess Prathyankaradevi" and "Goddess Saraba Sulini Durga". 

 Lord Sarabeswarar took the Lord Narasimha and hugged him so tightly and tried to calm down Lord Narasimha. Lord Sarabeswarar was successful in controlling the anger and ferocity of the Lord Narasimhar by removing the polluted content away from the blood of Lord Narasimha by pressing His sharp nails on Lord Narasimha; thus the bad part in the blood had evaporated. Once the polluted contents and posionous contents were removed, the Lord Narasimha started to attain his original position. The efforts of Lord Sarabeswarar was helped by "Goddess Prathyankaradevi" and "Goddess Saraba Sulini Durga" by blowing cool air around the Lord Narasimha. Thus the Lord Sarabeswarar cleared all the health problems that had been created earlier by the problems in the blood. 

5. You can donate Rose water, Sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, coconut water (or) honey to perform "Abhishek" (Abhishekam) in the temple.

6. You must complete a Puja in the name of the Person (who has problems with his/her blood) with his/her Birth Star and Rasi (Moon Sign) by purchasing coconut, banana (2), flowers, agarbatti (incense sticks), betel leaves and nuts. 

7. You must take back the Pooja ingredients back to your house, after the completion of Puja. 

8. Spread (or) place the flower on the main door entrance; and must remove it safely on the next day morning (the flower should not be allowed to rot (or) should not be thrown on the road). 

9. Use the coconut for cooking purposes; (or) eat along with bananas/betel nut & leaves. 

10. Continue the process for a minimum of 9 weeks (or) you can even do it for a longer period of time. 

11. You would see a marked improvement on the physical health of the person, who had been affected by the blood related diseases (or) disorders. 

 Important Guidelines:

1. You must take head bath on all 9 (or) more Sundays while doing Pariharam.

2. All the family members including the person (for whom the Pariharam is being done) must take head bath; and must remain bodily and mentally clean on the days that the rituals are being done.

3. The whole family must not eat non-vegetarian foods (or) any type of foods that intoxicates the mind and body.

4. There should not be any sexual interactions (or) any type of sexual activities by any member of the family (or) between any family members for all those 9 days.

5. Try to explain the situation to your friends, family members and guests; and make sure that no unclean (or) doubtful characters enter (or) stay in your house during those 9 days.

6. Make sure that no strangers are allowed to touch the Pooja ingredients. 

7. Try to avoid doing this Abhishekam and Pooja in the House. 

Best Place to complete this Ritual (Pariharam):  

1. You can do this Pariharam more than once till the disorder (or) diseases eradicated completely. 

2. Sri Kamphareswar - Sarabeswarar Temple, Thirubhuvanam (Near Kumbakonam in TN). The temple is very old temple built 1000 years ago by Chola Kings. 

3. Lord Sarabeswarar worshipped in the following temples in Chennai

a. Thirusula Nathar Temple - Trishulam (Oppsite to Chennai Airport)

b. Sri Skanda Ashramam - East Tambarm (Near Camp Road)

c. Thenupreeswarar Temple - Madambakkam (2 kms from East Tambaram - Velachery Main Road) 

d. Kurungalieswarar Temple - Koyambedu (very near to Koyambedu Metro Railway station)

e. Vellieaswarar Temple - Mylapore (East Mada Street).

f. Subramaniar Temple - Adambakkam (2 kms from Guindly Race course Road & also from West Velachery)

4. Sarabeswarar Temple, Karaikkudi (South Tamilnadu). 


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