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Thursday, 13 October 2016


Maa Vilakku: Astrological Guide to remove chronic illness from your body. 

1. Start the Rina Pariharam by doing a Pooja to Lord Ganesha for the successful completion of the Pariharam.

2. Select Tuesday (or) Friday as the starting day for doing Rina Pariharam.

3. You need to prepare Maa Vilakku (Rice Flour Lamp) as per the details given below:

A. Soak the raw rice for an hour; and drain the water out. Allow the raw rice to dry by keeping it in a shaded place.

B. Take the dry but moist raw rice; and grind it into fine powder. Please note that no water should be added while grinding.

C. You must sieve the raw rice powder, which is grinded well. You must ensure the sieving is done properly. There should not be any lumps (or) particles. Thus, you get finely sieved raw rice powder.

D. Take 1 cup of fine raw rice powder; and take 1/2 cup of powdered Jaggery (Country sugar).

E. You must mix 1cup of fine raw rice powder with 1/2 cup of Jaggery powder with small quantity of cow ghee.

F. You must knead into a soft dough. You must not add water to this content. The moisture in your hand would melt the Jaggery powder to form a fine dough (if necessary, just sprinkle few drops of water).

G. Roll it into small (or) medium sized balls. Press it in the middle either by your hand (or) by a tumbler to create space to carry ghee in it.

H. Now the Maa Vilakku (Rice Flour Lamp) is ready and it looks like this: You must pour ghee into it and place a cotton wick. Keep the Maa Vilakku (Rice Flour Lamp) above coconut leaf (or) any other vessel made with Bronze, Copper, Pottery (or) Silver (Please don't use Stainless steel, Iron, Plastics (or) Glass).

4. On the day of doing Pariharam, get up early in the morning and take head bath. Go to any Goddess Shakthi temple (or any form of Goddess Shakthi).

5. First worship the Lord Ganesha and lay down on the floor inside the temple. You must direct your head towards the "presiding deity"; and your legs should be kept in the direction of temple exit. (Your legs should not be placed in the direction of any Gods).

6. Let the process be done by any of your family members (or) your well-wishers.

7. Let them pour cow ghee into the lamp; and place the wick into the ghee; and let them light up the lamp. The Lamp should be placed and lit in the direction of east/west/north; and under any circumstances, the lamp should not be lit in the direction of South. Place the Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku) over a small banana leaf.

8. Place the Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku) over the area of the body that a person has any illness @ if a person has problems like headache, then it should be placed on his forehead. Likewise, the Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku) needs to be placed in the stomach, if there are problems in the stomach areas.

9. If the native had problems in muscles, blood, skin (or) nerves, then the Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku) should be placed all over the body.

10. The process of placing the Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku) must start from the head and end at the toe. You must not start from the toe and finish it in the head. Also, the Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku) should not be placed in the head again, once you had completed the process of keeping it over the body from head to toe.

11. The native (the person who gets affected) and also the person who does this ritual should pray to the God about removing the illness from the body on each and every step, while conducting this ritual.

12. The native should feel the warmth of the Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku) on his body parts.

13. Keep the Lamp lit and keep it in the temple premises itself @ place it before the Goddess (or) any other place within the temple. Let the lamp be eaten by ants, flies and other creatures.

14. Take the remaining Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku) along with Puja articles to the temple priesr. They would place the Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku) (must be lit) before the God; and do the Puja in your name. Thereafter, they will return back the Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku) along with the Prasadam like coconut, banana and betel leaf.

15. Allow the Lamp to fully exhaust by itself. Then distribute the  Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku) to each and every people in the temple. You can also eat and bring it to your house to share it with your other family members, friends and neighbours.

16. You can do it continously for 9 days (or) do it for a single day in a week for 9 successive weeks

Caution: The Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku) is made up off uncooked raw rice only. You should not prepare the Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku) with cooked raw rice (or) with boiled rice.

17. You would enjoy the successful results by eliminating the chronic illness from your body,

 Important Guidelines:

1. You must take head bath on all 9 days while doing Pariharam.

2. All the family members including the person (for whom the Pariharam is being done) must take head bath; and must remain bodily and mentally clean on the days that the rituals are being done.

3. The whole family must not eat non-vegetarian foods (or) any type of foods that intoxicates the mind and body.

4. There should not be any sexual interactions (or) any type of sexual activities by any member of the family (or) between any family members for all those 9 days.

5. Try to explain the situation to your friends, family members and guests; and make sure that no unclean (or) doubtful characters enter (or) stay in your house during those 9 days.

6. Make sure that no strangers are allowed to touch the Rice flour lamp (Maa Vilakku)

7. Rituals and Puja must be done in the early morning hours (or) evening hours preferably during Sunrise (or) during the Sunset.

Best Place to complete this Ritual (Pariharam):  

1. You can do this Pariharam more than once till the lumps (or) tumours dissolves completely.

2. You can do this ritual in any Goddess Mariamman, Goddess Kali Amman (or) any form of Goddess Shakthi temples.

3. You can find an amazing and faster results while doing this ritual in Goddess Mariamman Temple in Virudhunagr, which lies 50 Kms south of Madurai towards GST raod to Kanyakumari. Also you can do this ritual in Goddess Mariamman in Irukkankudi, which is loacted near a rivulet in a isolated place near Sattur, which lies 75 Kms outh of Madurai towards GST raod to Kanyakumari. You need to travel 10 Kms from Sattur to Irukkankudi.

Official website of Irukkangudi Mariamman Temple:  Goddess Mariamman Temple, Irukkangudi

Official website of Virudhunagar Mariamman Temple:  Goddess Mariamman Temple, Virudhunagar

4. You are advised to stay overnight in a Lodge either in Madurai (or) Virudunagar.

Please read this link before doing Pariharam: GUIDE FOR SUCCESSFUL PARIHARAM

For complete details on Pariharam for Shani, please visit GUIDE FOR SHANI PARIHARAM

Saturday, 6 August 2016


Astrological & Spiritual ways to get rid of tumours, lumps, pimples (or) any tissue overgrowth.

1. Start the Rina Pariharam by doing a Pooja to Lord Ganesha for the successful completion of the Pariharam.

2. Select Thursday as the starting day for doing Rina Pariharam (or) you can select a day that has Nakshatra as "Aswini, Magham, Moola, Punarpusa, Visaka and Utharabhadra"

3. Take a handful of "Puffed Rice" and tie it in a yellow coloured (or) multi coloured paper.

4. You must get up early in the morning and take head bath. You must keep the "Puffed Rice" in your shirt pocket @ you should not keep it below your waist.

5. You can remove it from your shirt; and keep it under your pillow, while you sleep in the night. You must keep it away from your body, while you go to bathroom.

6. Next morning, you must keep the Puffed Rice which is packed in a yellow (or) multi coloured paper in a separate box. You should not allow anyone, who is unclean to touch the container.

7. You can do this process continuously for 9 days (OR) you can do this process on every Thursday for 9 weeks (OR) you can do this process on days with "Aswini, Magham, Moola, Punarpusa, Visaka and Utharabhadra" Nakshatras.

8. Select any Thursdays (or) days with "Aswini, Magham, Moola, Punarpusa, Visaka and Utharabhadra" Nakshatras. Go to any Lord Subramaniya Temple. Hold all the packets containing the "Puffed Rice" in your hand. Worship the Lord Subramaniya; and pray for the early recovery from tumours, lumps, pimples (or) any tissue overgrowth.

9. Go to the Temple tank. Cut open (or) tear the paper containing the "Puffed Rice" and empty them into the Temple Tank @ you must feed the "Puffed Rice" to the Fishes that live in the Temple Tank. You must tear the paper into small pieces and must throw it into the Temple Tank.

10. You must completely wash your hand, legs and face with the water in the Temple Tank. *Make sure that you had cleaned all your feet, hands and face with the Water".

11. Again Go inside the Temple, and complete the Pariharam by doing a Puja in your Name to Lord Subramaniya.

Important Guidelines:

1. You must take head bath on all 9 days, while you carry the Puffed Rice in your body; and also on the day, when finish the Pariharam.

2. All the family members including the person (for whom the Pariharam is being done) must take head bath; and must remain bodily and mentally clean on the days that the rituals are being done.

3. The whole family must not eat non-vegetarian foods (or) any type of foods that intoxicates the mind and body.

4. There should not be any sexual interactions (or) any type of sexual activities by any member of the family (or) between any family members for all those 10 days (9 + 1 = 10 days)

5. Try to explain the situation to your friends, family members and guests; and make sure that no unclean (or) doubtful characters enter (or) stay in your house during those 9 days.

6. Make sure that no strangers are allowed to touch the Puffed Rice (that is kept in a box).

7. Rituals (feeding the Fish) and Puja must be done in the evening hours preferably before the Sunset.

Best Place to complete this Ritual (Pariharam):  

1. You can do this Pariharam more than once till the lumps (or) tumours dissolves completely.

2. You can do this ritual in any Lord Subramaniya Temple that has a temple tank. If you are in position to visit Tirupparankundram (Near Madurai Airport), which is an important temple for Lord Muruga, then it is highly recommended.

3. You can find an amazing and faster results while doing this ritual in Lord Subramaniya Swamy Temple in Tirupparankundram, which lies within the Corporation Limits of Madurai located in South Tamilnadu.

4. You are advised to stay overnight in a Lodge near the Temple after doing this ritual (Pariharam); and do another Puja to Lord Subramaniya Temple before leaving Tirupparankundram.

5. The Temple has a wonderful pond named as "Saravana Poigai" (or) "Saravana Theertham", which is located right inside the Temple premises.

Please read this link before doing Pariharam: GUIDE FOR SUCCESSFUL PARIHARAM

For complete details on Pariharam for Shani, please visit GUIDE FOR SHANI PARIHARAM


Sunday, 1 November 2015


Temple that ensures faster and successful Marriages:

"Goddess Andal Temple at Srivilliputhur"

There were 12 Alwars who are revered by the Vaishnavites in Tamil Nadu. One among them was "Periya Alwar" (whose original name was Vishnu Chittar) lived in Srivilliputtur (a small temple town on the way from Madurai to Courtallam in the south western part of Tamil Nadu bordering the Western Ghats). The "Periya Alwar" was a ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was eager to have a children; and prayed to the God too. One day he found a beautiful baby girl in the garden situated within the Temple. Both the Periya Alwar and his wife took the Girl and named her as "Kodhai".

The Periya Alwar used to pick various flowers from the garden and used to make garlands for the Lord Vishnu on daily basis. He had sung many hymns in praise of Lord Vishnu. His daughter "Kothai" also used to help her father in picking up the flowers and also in preparing the garland. The Girl Kodhai grew up and became the ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. She wanted to marry Lord Ranganatha Swamy (The presiding deity in the Lord Vishnu temple in Srirangam, which is near Trichy) and considered Him as her husband.  She attained the name "Andal" due to her wish to get married to Lord Vishnu.

One day, Andal wore the garland by herself before his father "Periya Alwar" used to carry it to the temple for the garlanding of the Lord Vishnu. Andal wore the garland by herself by considering herself to the bride of the Lord. Andal considered her as the bride and looked into the mirror by wearing the garland. Not knowing this, Periya Alwar took the garland to the temple.

The temple priest found a strand of hair in the garland that was brought by the Periya Alwar. On seeing this, Periya Alwar returned to the house and rebuked the Andal for wearing the garland. He had prepared new garlands by using the newly plucked flowers. He rushed towards the Temple with the new garland. The Lord made the Periya Alwar to understand that He is happy and comfortable with the garland that was worn by the Andal. The Lord Vishnu was garlanded with the garland that was already worn by Andal.

The Andal was considered as the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and the Periya Alwar was the incarnation of Garuda. The Lord Vishnu finally married the Andal. Anyone, who wish to get married faster and want the marriage to be successful must worship both the Lord and the Andal in this temple. There are separate shrines for Lord, Andal and Periya Alwar.

Pariharam for the faster & successful Marriage:

1. You must do it for 9 weeks. You can do it either on Wednesdays (or) on Fridays.

2. You must be mentally and bodily clean on the Pariharam days. You must compulsorily take head bath.

3. It is highly advisable to do these Pariharam by visiting the Andal Temple situated in Srivilliputhur on all 9 weeks. For those who are staying far away from Srivilliputhur can do these Pariharam both on the 1st week (starting date) and on the 9th week (ending date) by visiting the Andal temple. They can do it in any Lord Vishnu temple which is nearer to their house for the intervening period of 7 weeks.

4. The garland must be prepared by the person, who wish to get married (* Mother/Aunts/Grandmother preparing the garland on behalf of their children will not get the required results).

5. You must prepare the garland by using flowers from different colors and varieties. You can use your imagination and prepare the garlands with different combination of flowers. (*The flower should not be made of plastic; and you should not use flowers that has no odour).

6. Garland the Lord with your garland. You must do the Puja both to the Lord and the Andal in your name (You must make a sankalpa for the early and successful marriage).

7.  Do it for 9 weeks. The Girls need not worry about the interruptions. They can continue to count 9 weeks omitting the break-up period.

8. You must complete your 9th week ritual by visiting the Andal Temple at Srivilliputhur. 

9. You must again visit the Temple along with your life partner, once the marriage is successfully completed. The Couples should conduct a Puja in their names both to the Lord and the Andal. 


1. No alcohol, eggs, non vegetarian foods, sexual thoughts and inter courses, use of harsh and filthy languages (applicable from early morning @ sunrise on the next day). If these are violated, then the pariharam would not deliver any results.

2. Both you are body and mind should be clean.

3. Fasting on these days would be of immense help.

4. Must avoid fast foods that induces your mind into worldly pleasures.

5. You must also wear Multi colored dresses.

6. This Pariharam would also help you to reduce the intensity of Budhan & the Sukra Dosha in your horoscope

7. It is advisable for those who have Budhan & the Sukra in the malefic houses (or) remaining weak in the natal horoscopes.

How to reach Srivilliputhur?

1. It is located 600 Kms away from Chennai; and lies South West of Tamil Nadu.

2. Srivilliputhur has a Railway station, situated on the Madurai - Tenkasi route.

3. It is located nearly 100 kms away from the Madurai. 

Sunday, 16 February 2014


Astrological Guide to clear your debts (Alternate Method):

In earlier posts, we have studied the various options available from the Hindu Vedic Astrology to clear the debts. Now, we are going to learn another method that helps the person or a entire family to come out of their debts.

You must understand that there are 2 temples being constructed 1000's of year ago by the Chola Kings that are exclusively dedicated to clear the debts.

1. Lord Sara Parameswarar temple at Thirucherai: 

This particular temple is located between Kumbakonam and Tiruvarur (Central Tamilnadu). The Presiding deity is Lord Sara Parameshwarar (Lord Shiva) and Goddess Gnanavalli. The Runa (Debts) Vimo-Chana (Relief) Lingam is located inside the temple. This particular Lingam is specifically installed to clear the debts of every human who are born in this world. The Runa Vimochana Lingaeswarar will give you immense relief from your debts

2. Thiyagaraja Swamy Temple, Tiruvarur:

This particular temple is also more than 1000 years old and was built by Chola Kings. This particular temple is loacted at Tiruvarur (a town in Central Tamilnadu). There are two Lingam in the temple @ Rana (wounds) Vimo-chana (Relief) Lingam and Runa (Debts) Vimo-Chana (Relief) Lingam. Rana Vimochana Lingaeswarar will give immense relief from your illness and Runa Vimochana Lingaeswarar will give you immense relief from your debts.

What is Debts?

Debts are classified into 3 types.

1. Deva Runa (Debts to Gods)
2. Rishi Runa (Debts to Sages or Gurus)
3. Pithru Runa (Debts to ancestors)

One must understand that a person can't come out of his/her life cycle, if they fail to clear all these debts during their lifetime. Let me explain these issues with an example.

1. If a person makes a vow before the God to get something done in his life and fails to fulfill his/her promises, the God will make him/her to be born again and again till he/she fulfills his/her earlier promises. This is called as Deva Runa.

2. If a Person fails to keep his/her promises with their Guru's (genuine one only), then he/she may have to fulfill their commitments in their re-births.

3. If a Person fails to do Pithru Tharpanam and Shraddham to satisfy their dead ancestors, then they would go through the re-birth to complete their task.

If a person fails to fulfill his/her promises or cheats others (money, marriage, properties or commitments), then this person will have to born again to complete the task. That is, the Person will be surrounded by the affected peoples in the form of wife, husband, children, relatives, friends, neighbours, business partners, known or unknown peoples during the current lifetime. Thus you need to settle down every obligations before you complete your lifetime. Everyone must understand that any unfinished commitments would get carried over to your next birth.

Hence worshipping the Runa Vimochana Lingaeswarar would helps you to clear all your debts including your financial debts.

Methods to worship Runa Lingaeswarar (to everyone in this world):

1. Go to any temple (near your place) and do a puja to Lord Ganesh. Pray to him that you are about to start a Parihara methods to clear your debts. Pray to Lord Ganesh that he must give necessary strength both physically and mentally, Pray to God that he guards your Pariharam to go without any interruptions in the middle. Pray to Lord Ganesh that He helps you to finish your Pariharam to bring the desired results.

2. Then worship Lord Shiva. Tell Him that you regard the Lord Shiva (one, whom you worship in your place) as Runa Vimochana Lingeswarar.

3. Place your geneuine demands. Please be careful about what you ask. The Lord Shiva is always fond of playing with his devotees. If you do not know how to ask him, just pray to Lord Shiva that "You know my problems. As a Father, You please take care of Your little children".

4. You must do worship for the Lord Shiva for 11 weeks.

5. Go to Lord Shiva temple on every Monday evening between 4.30 to 6.00 PM in the evening. This particular puja is called as "Somavar Puja". During this time Lord Shiva would be very happy with Goddess Parvathi. The Abhisekam with the raw rice powder to the Lord Shiva is the key for successfully reducing the debts.

6. Take with you raw Rice powder and offer it to the God. The priest will do Abisekham with your raw rice powder. People who are living in North India, just mix the raw rice powder with water. Pour the mix on the Lingam and offer flower and pray (as per your customs). People who do not have access to temples to pray, can keep the Lingam in their own Puja rooms and do the rituals by yourself. We will write the conditions and precautions to be taken for keeping Lingam in our Puja house in our next posts.

7. You can also offer (any one or any combinations) Milk, Curd, Honey, Tender coconut water, Sandalwood paste, Lime Juice, Sugarcane Juice, Holy Ash, Rose water, Turmeric Powder and Fruits mixed with Jaggery (country made sugar).

8. You must avoid non-vegetarian foods, alocholic drinks, any form of drugs, sexual thoughts or activities, harsh words, anger, jealousness and any unethical or immoral thoughts or practices. This is an important factor in fructifying your demands.

9. If you want you can fast. During that time, you can eat fruits, fruit juices, drinks based on Milk, uncooked vegetables or Coconut, beaten rice mixed with Milk. You can skip your regular meal in the night and adjust it with the above mentioned menu.

10. Chant the "Om Nama Sivya Namaho" any number of times during the 11 weeks periods.

11. If possible, do a Puja on every Monday on your name by telling your Rasi and Nakshatra. If not atleast do it on the concluding day.

You will really see a complete relief from your debts after the completion of 11 weeks of Prayer to Lord Shiva. When your demands are met, you are advised to visit the Lord Saraparameshwarar Temple at Thirucherai and deliver a special prayer of thanks to Lord Runa Vimochana Lingaeswarar.


1. Do not do e-archanas, as they will increase your problems.

2. Do not ask anyone to do the Pariharam on your behalf (like Parents, wife or an employee). This will further increase your burden.

3. You should not develop any pessimism in the middle of your Pariharam. 

Monday, 14 October 2013


Lord Thayumanavar Swamy Temple, Trichy

The presiding deity is called as the Lord Chevvanthi Nathar (Lord Shiva) and Goddess Mattuvar Kulalammai (Goddess Parvathi). The Lord Chevvanthi Nathar was called as the "Thayum-mana-var Swamy" meaning "He who become the Mother".

How the Lord Shiva becomes the Mother?

Long ago, Rathina Guptan, a merchant trading in valuable gems was living near Poompuhar, a coastal town loacted in Tamilnadu. He was extremely rich but very devout worshipper of Lord Shiva. He had helped number of Saivite institutions and also helped many Lord Shiva deities. Lord Shiva blessed him with a beautiful girl child Rathinavathi. When she attained her age, he married his daughter to Dhana Guptan, who was living on the foothills of rocky terrain that carries the famous Lord Chevvanthi Nathar temple. The temple was loacted atop the rocky hill. Dhana Guptan was also a staunch Lord Shiva devotee. Hence both the couples Rathinavathi and Dhana Guptan used to worship Lord Chevvanthi Nathar and Goddess Mattuvar Kulalammai on daily basis by offering various Pujas.

Due to this, the Rathinavathi conceived a child in her womb. But the Couple never missed a day to pray Lord Chevvanthi Nathar. When the day neared for the child delivery, the Mother of the Rathinavathi started her journey towards Trichy. Those days there were no transports, roads and bridges to travel. When the Mother of the Rathinavathi reached the northern banks of Cauvery river, the river was over flowing with flood water. Hence the boatmen can not take the peoples accross the river. Hence the Rathinavathi Mother had to wait in the northern banks of the river for the night. Here Rathinavathi was having Labour pain to child delivery in her house, which was loacted in the Souther banks of river cauvery.

But Lord Chevvanthi Nathar itself came to Rathinavathi's house in the guise of the Rathinavathi's Mother. The Lord ensured that the Rathinavathi faced no agony or pain. The Lord Chevvanthi Nathar ensured the safety of both the Rathinavathi and her new born child for the whole night. When the boatman arranged to cross the River Cauvery in the early Morning, the original Mother also came to her daughter Rathinavathi's house.

Now, everyone was confused and surprised by seeing two women having the resemblance of Rathinavathi's Mother. The Lord Chevvanthi Nathar resembling the Rathinavathi's mother had disappeared. To everyone's surprise, the Lord Chevvanthi Nathar along with Goddess Mattuvar Kulalammai appeared in the Skies. They were surrounded by Lord Ganesh, Lord Muruga, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and along with Indira and those residing in the Deva Loga. The Lord Chevvanthi Nathar and everyone went inside the temple.

Thus the Lord Chevvanthi Nathar was called as the "Thayum-Anavar" in tamil meaning that "He who becomes the Mother".

Suggestions for Girls, who wish to conceive and wish to have smooth delivery of the child (along with the safety and wellbeing of Mother and the newborn):

1. Make a wish within your mind to Lord Thayumanavar Swamy.

2. Worship Lord Thayumanavar on daily basis by worshipping in your house during the time of pregnancy and also before conceiving.

3. Chant this following Mantra (atleast 9 times or 108 times in a day):

Hae Sankara, Samara-hara, Bra-matha-thi Nathaa,
Maana-tha, Samba, Sasi-suda, Hara, Tri-Sulin
Sambo, Sukap-prasavak-ruth, Pavamae, Dhayalao,
Sree Mathru-budha, Siva, Palaya-maam, Namasthae:

ஹே சங்கர, ஸ்மரஹர, பிரமாதி நாதா, 
மன்னாத, ஸாம்ப, சசிசூட, ஹர, த்ரிசூலின்,
ஸ்ம்போ ஸ்கப்பிரசவக்ருத், பவமே, தயாளோ,
ஸ்ரீ மாத்ருபூத, சிவ, பாலயாமாம், நமஸ்தே:

ஹே சங்கர, ஸ்மரஹர, பிரமாதி நாதா, 
மன்னாத, ஸாம்ப, சசிசூட, ஹர, த்ரிசூலின்,
ஸ்ம்போ ஸ்கப்பிரசவக்ருத், பவமே, தயாளோ,
ஸ்ரீ மாத்ருபூத, சிவ, பாலயாமாம், நமஸ்தே:

4. After you enjoy trouble free Child delivery and gifted with the wonderful child, please you must visit the temple along with your husband, newborn and your family members.

5. There would be a cradle in the temple itself. You must put the newborn baby in the cradle

6. You must bring bunch of bananas as your humble offerings to Lord Thayumanavar Swamy and must thank him.

7. You can do Puja or Abisekham or arrange for Annadhanam (anyone or all) 

Lord Chevvanthi Nathar would take role of the Mother as Thayumanavar to the new born baby by every kind of blessing during the entire lifetime.

Temple's Architechture:

It is a feast to our eye sights. This maginficient temple is a 3 tier storey temple built naturally on the rocks. You would wonder about the manner that it had been built before 1500 years back. The Lingam, sanctum and sanctorium and Mandapam are all built by excavating the rocks itself. The temple is loacted in the heart of Tiruchirappalli or Trichy which is in the central Tamilnadu. 

Saturday, 12 October 2013


Lord Jurakeswarar in the Thyumana Swamy Temple loacted in the Trichy (Tiruchirapalli), Tamilnadu (South India) is the deity dedicated to control or eradicate or prevent getting affected by any form of fever.

Juram means Fever, Eswarar point towards Lord Shiva. The main deity is Lord Shiva who is called as Chevvanthi Nathar or Thayumana Swamy. We will see the importance of Thayumana Swamy in our next post. We advise the people who suffers from the following troubles to worship and do Puja for Lord Jurakeswarar.

1. Those who often gets affected by fever due to various reasons.

2. Those who gets troubled by continous or high level of fever.

3. Those who want to prevent any form of fever at any point of their lifetime.

How the Puja Should be done for Lord Surakeswarar?

1. Do Abhisekam for the Lord Jurakeswarar with Milk, Tender Coconut, Sandal wood paste, Rose water and Curd.

2. Do Puja in the name of the affected person.


The temple is located in the heart of Trichy atop a small hilly rock. The charges for offering Abhisekam is Rs. 350/- only. You can also buy any quantity of the above mentioned Abhisekam materials out of your own interests. When some one gets affected by severe fever do remember Lord Jurakeswarar. Don't forget to visit the temple and offer prayer to the Lord Jurakeswarar once your fever is gone for ever. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013


Shani Parihara Temple

Sri Dharparanyeswarar Temple is the oldest temple built by Chola Kings meant for easing out the troubles of Lord Saneeswarar. 

In Tamil Nadu, the Chola Kings had constructed nine different Shiva temples that are capable of removing the doshas created by the nine planets before 1000 of years ago. Let us find out the important temple that can remove the Shani doshas. The presiding deity here is Lord Shiva and has the name as Dharbaranyeswarar. Those days, there were Dharbai (a grass, which are considered as scared) all around in the area. Since the Temple is loacated in the midst of Dharbai (a grass), the Lord Shiva is called as Lord Dharbaranyeswarar. 

Let us find the story behind the Temples importance in deleting the bad effects of Shani.

Once upon a time, a King named Nala was ruling his country with great dedication, courage and compassion. He was a righteous person, who never deviated from his truthfulness. Even the Devas and Saints were appreciative of his character and his management of his county's affairs. King Nala was married to Princess Damayanthi, who was considered as very beautiful and has all the good qualities and character to posses. Hence the Couple lived and remained blessed in every spheres of life.

The Lord Shani wanted to test the righteousness of the King Nala and wanted to prove his truthfulness to the World. The 7 1/2 years period of Shani (Shani Sade Sati or Elarai Shani) had descended on the King Nala. He had lost his wealth and power to his brother and was forced to live in the forest along with his wife Damayanthi. That is, the King Nala became a pauper within a matter of minutes. He went through agony and trauma during the entire 7 1/2 years period of his life. He also got separated from his wife too. Even in the worst period of his life, he never deviated from his truthfulness.

Finally, he came to the Thirunallar, where the temple was located. He took head bath in a small pond, that is loacted in the northern side of temple. After wearning a new cloth, the Nala entered into the Lord Dharbarayaneswarar Temple to have a darshan of Lord Shiva. Lord Shani also trailed behind the Nala. The Lord Shiva banished the Lord Shani from enterning into the Temple and thus the Lord Shani was stay put in the area between the 1st and 2nd entrance of the Temple (even now). Lord Shiva removed all the curse and Nala became the King Nala and got back his wife and all his wealth.

Lord Shiva asked the King Nala, whether he has any desires to fulfilled. Then the King Nala had prayed to Lord Shiva that whoever visits the temple by taking bath in the pond and pray to the Lord Dharbarayaneswarar should also get back the same benefits (like King Nala) and must also be blessed by the Lord Shiva.

The Lord Shiva granted his wish and offered to fulfill another wish. King Nala requested that the Lord Shani present in the temple should not remain malefic (as per the Lord Shani's orginal character) and should remain benefice always. Lord Shiva had granted the second wish too. Thus the malefic nature of Lord Shani was removed in this Temple. Thus the Lord Shani ought to do the benefits to everyone, who prays to Lord Shani after praying to Lord Shiva. Hence the Lord Shani present in this particular temple remained benefice.

The pond that exists in the outerside of the Temple is called as "Nala Theerth". The Readers are advised to follow the guidelines, while visiting the Temples.

1. You must stay atleast a day (preferably overnight) in the Temple itself. There are plenty of space avaialble inside the Temple. (OR) you can stay in some Lodges located in this town.

2. You must take head bath in the pond. Please note that all your body and the clothes (that you wear) must be wet.

3. You must remove all your clothes or any jewellery or divine twines into the water itself . Hence remove the jewellery before you take a dip.

Warning: If anybody take bath with any clothes or jewellery or any type of materials that are worn around their body, then those articles/clothes/jewellery must be removed into the water (while taking bath). If they carry any type of materials with their body after completing the bath would bound to be badly affected. That is, all the Shani doshas that had been left over by others will come along with the person, who do not adhere to this guidelines.

4. You can ask your family members or friend to surround with other clothes (when you remove you clothes).

5. You must remove the wetness from the body by using a dry towel. After leaving the Pond, don't look back at the "Nala Theerth".

6. You must make sure that you are completely dry (head & body) before entering the temple.

7. You can wear new or clean clothes, while entering the Temple.

8. You must start to worship Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga, Lord Shiva and Goddess Sakthi (in that order) and must pray to Lord Shiva to eminiate the Shani dosha for the rest of your life.

9. You must worship or do Puja to Lord Shani at the end, before leaving the temple.

Note: You shouldn't revisit the Nala Theerth again or take bath (second time) after completing this ritual. You must immediately return back to your native place (You should not break journey or visit anyother place or even temples). 

Sri Dharbaranyeswaraswamy Temple,
Sri Saneeswara Baghawan Temple
Thirunallar - P.O. 609 607,
Karaikal. (Pondicherry UT)

Phone : Office : 236530
Residence : 236501
Fax : 236504
STD Code : 04368

The Temple is loacted 350 Kms south of Chennai and 170 kms east of Trichy. 

Please read this link before doing Pariharam: GUIDE FOR SUCCESSFUL PARIHARAM

For complete details on Pariharam for Shani, please visit GUIDE FOR SHANI PARIHARAM










Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Please avoid doing the below mentioned activities when you visit the Lord Shiva temples.

1. Never spit or do anything that reduces the cleanliness of the temple.

2. Never speak to anyone (beyond some few formal words) anything inside the temple or speak in the mobile phone for a longer duration.

3. Never criss cross between the Lingam and the Nandhi.

4. Never worship or praise a man inside the temple.

5. Do not shout or sing or pray that turns as a disturbance to others.

6. Do not go between the God and anyone praying to the God.

7. Do not worship Navagrahas first.

8. Do not worship or do puja for the Navagrahas without worshiping the Lord Shiva.

9. Do not go around the temple, when the abhisekham is performed for the presiding deity.

10. Similarly, going around the temple is forbidden, when the curtains are down for decorations or for other rituals to the presiding deity.

If we help the temples to be kept very clean for a day, then it is equivalent to do Pariharams for 100 days.

If you can help peoples who depend on their livelihood by working in the temples  (in really in need of help), then the Lord Shiva would be very pleased and also the Lord Shiva would look after your needs. But you need to analyze the person properly before doling out with any help. Otherwise your help to a greedy or a person with doubtful character would become meaningless. Hence you should lend your help only after thoroughly satisfied on the particular person's needs. 


If you can do this below mentioned activity, this will really helps your both personal and career life.

1. Keep the temple clean by any possible means.

2. Tell others not to throw paper, lighted match sticks, plastic covers and spill oil within the temple.

3. Never dust the temple pillars with the holy ash and Kumkum.

4. Voluntary involvement in the temple activities will deliver more benefits than doing Pariharams.

5. Helping the people who works in the temples would bring in more benefits than doing Pariharams. 


Please read the contents carefully and get benefits in your life.

1. Go to the Lord Shiva temple, if you have taken a head bath.

2. Do not go to the temple (after taking bath), if you had done any sexual acts or taken any liquor/drugs and consumed any non-vegetarian foods.

3. Worship the Gopuram (Tower) before entering the temple.

4. Worship Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga located in the outer periphery of the temple.

5. Worship the flag post of the temple.

6. Worship the altar and leave all your egotistical thoughts.

7. Worship the Nandi and seek his permission to enter the sanctum sanctorum.

8. Worship Lord Shiva and then Goddess Parvathi.

9. Worship other Gods and go around the temple at least 3 times.

10. Worship the Navagrahas only when you are about to exit the temple.

11. You can do "Sastanga Namaskaram" (Laid down worship) only before the flag post of the temple by placing your head and hand towards North direction.

12. Sit in the temple at least for a few minutes.

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