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Saturday, 6 August 2016


Astrological & Spiritual ways to get rid of tumours, lumps, pimples (or) any tissue overgrowth.

1. Start the Rina Pariharam by doing a Pooja to Lord Ganesha for the successful completion of the Pariharam.

2. Select Thursday as the starting day for doing Rina Pariharam (or) you can select a day that has Nakshatra as "Aswini, Magham, Moola, Punarpusa, Visaka and Utharabhadra"

3. Take a handful of "Puffed Rice" and tie it in a yellow coloured (or) multi coloured paper.

4. You must get up early in the morning and take head bath. You must keep the "Puffed Rice" in your shirt pocket @ you should not keep it below your waist.

5. You can remove it from your shirt; and keep it under your pillow, while you sleep in the night. You must keep it away from your body, while you go to bathroom.

6. Next morning, you must keep the Puffed Rice which is packed in a yellow (or) multi coloured paper in a separate box. You should not allow anyone, who is unclean to touch the container.

7. You can do this process continuously for 9 days (OR) you can do this process on every Thursday for 9 weeks (OR) you can do this process on days with "Aswini, Magham, Moola, Punarpusa, Visaka and Utharabhadra" Nakshatras.

8. Select any Thursdays (or) days with "Aswini, Magham, Moola, Punarpusa, Visaka and Utharabhadra" Nakshatras. Go to any Lord Subramaniya Temple. Hold all the packets containing the "Puffed Rice" in your hand. Worship the Lord Subramaniya; and pray for the early recovery from tumours, lumps, pimples (or) any tissue overgrowth.

9. Go to the Temple tank. Cut open (or) tear the paper containing the "Puffed Rice" and empty them into the Temple Tank @ you must feed the "Puffed Rice" to the Fishes that live in the Temple Tank. You must tear the paper into small pieces and must throw it into the Temple Tank.

10. You must completely wash your hand, legs and face with the water in the Temple Tank. *Make sure that you had cleaned all your feet, hands and face with the Water".

11. Again Go inside the Temple, and complete the Pariharam by doing a Puja in your Name to Lord Subramaniya.

Important Guidelines:

1. You must take head bath on all 9 days, while you carry the Puffed Rice in your body; and also on the day, when finish the Pariharam.

2. All the family members including the person (for whom the Pariharam is being done) must take head bath; and must remain bodily and mentally clean on the days that the rituals are being done.

3. The whole family must not eat non-vegetarian foods (or) any type of foods that intoxicates the mind and body.

4. There should not be any sexual interactions (or) any type of sexual activities by any member of the family (or) between any family members for all those 10 days (9 + 1 = 10 days)

5. Try to explain the situation to your friends, family members and guests; and make sure that no unclean (or) doubtful characters enter (or) stay in your house during those 9 days.

6. Make sure that no strangers are allowed to touch the Puffed Rice (that is kept in a box).

7. Rituals (feeding the Fish) and Puja must be done in the evening hours preferably before the Sunset.

Best Place to complete this Ritual (Pariharam):  

1. You can do this Pariharam more than once till the lumps (or) tumours dissolves completely.

2. You can do this ritual in any Lord Subramaniya Temple that has a temple tank. If you are in position to visit Tirupparankundram (Near Madurai Airport), which is an important temple for Lord Muruga, then it is highly recommended.

3. You can find an amazing and faster results while doing this ritual in Lord Subramaniya Swamy Temple in Tirupparankundram, which lies within the Corporation Limits of Madurai located in South Tamilnadu.

4. You are advised to stay overnight in a Lodge near the Temple after doing this ritual (Pariharam); and do another Puja to Lord Subramaniya Temple before leaving Tirupparankundram.

5. The Temple has a wonderful pond named as "Saravana Poigai" (or) "Saravana Theertham", which is located right inside the Temple premises.

Please read this link before doing Pariharam: GUIDE FOR SUCCESSFUL PARIHARAM

For complete details on Pariharam for Shani, please visit GUIDE FOR SHANI PARIHARAM


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