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Saturday, 18 April 2015


How to arrange your Puja Rooms and conduct Puja in your house?

1. Provide separate room or separate place to conduct puja and prayers, where your guests or visitors do not trespass or may not have an easy access. This is to ensure the sanctity of the Puja room or place.

2. The Pictures of the God and the Goddess should be placed in the top-most layer. The pictures of Navagrahas & the Guru/Acharya/Yogi's should not be placed alongside the pictures of the God and the Goddess.

3. The Pictures of the Navagrahas (if any) should be placed below the pictures of the Gods.

4. The Pictures of the Guru/Yogi/Acharya's should be placed alongside or below the pictures of the Navagrahas.

5. You must clean the Puja room and utensils used for Puja atleast once in a day.

6. The pictures of dead ancestors must not be kept in the Puja room. The Pictures of the dead ancestors should not be fixed above the height of the Pictures of the God or the Goddess in any place within your house. The Pictures of the dead ancestors should not be placed prominently in a place overlooking the main entrance of the house.

7. Never use any utensils that are used for common cooking purpose to prepare any dish to offer to the God. Similarly use separate utensils and Puja accesories for conducting Pujas.

8. Do not do Puja, when someone is sleeping in another room of the house.

9. Do Puja only when everyone in your family has finished their bathing. Never allow anyone to take head bath after the completion of Puja on that day. Never wash your house with water after the completion of Puja.

10. Remove all the flowers that are dried up. Allowing the dried flowers to remain hanging up for more days is not considered good. Do not throw the dried flowers in the pathway; trash it carefully into the dustbin @ the dried flowers should not be trampled upon.

11. You can offer any flower to the God. You can also offer any leaves, if you are not able to get any flowers.

12. You can offer any fruits or cooked food to the God. You should not offer any food or fruits that had already been tasted. If you don't have access to any fruits or any cooked food, simply offer the drinking water.

13. The Person must be bodily clean, when he/she prepares the food for the God @ the food should not be offered to the God, if a unclean person prepares it.

14. Do not offer any Non-Vegetarian foods to the God, as this will bring more curse.

15. You can place the Pictures of the God overlooking West and South direction @ you must face either East or North direction, while praying to the God.

16. Anyone who faces the West and/or the South directions while praying may not get the desired results.

17. You must light up lamps either with Ghee or Gingelly oil. Never use anyother oil or mixed up oil.

18. The Lamp should be placed either facing the North or West or East direction only. Never light up the lamp, while it is facing the South direction.

19. The Lamps lit with ghee or gingelly oil should not be put out immediately after the completion of Pujas. The Lamps should be allowed to be lit, till the complete burning out of incense sticks (agarbathi) or benzoine (samprani).

20. You must put out the lamps either by pulling the thread back into the oil or by using the flowers. You should not put out the lamp by blowing air out of your mouth.

21. Never interrupt your Puja in the middle, whatever be the reason. The Level of concentration is very important in your Puja.

22. It is better to do Puja in the empty stomach; you will lack concentration on the Puja, if you had eaten too much.

23. Empty the water (that you had offered to the God on the previous day) into any plants that you grow in the house or empty into your well (if you possess it) or simply mix it in the water that is to be used for your bathing.

How to do Pujas in the Temple?

Friday, 27 March 2015


Pariharam: The Truth about the Coconut:

Coconut is mainly used in the Pujas, homams and also on in every important Hindu rituals. Let us understand, the importance of using the coconut in the pujas and also in the rituals; and let us delete our misunderstandings and mis-beliefs.

1. Breaking of a coconut either in a Puja or while doing Pariharam removes the Dhiristi (evil eye syndrome).

2. It is always better to do the Puja by breaking the coconut before the God, as this will automatically remove the Dhiristi.

3. Never do a Puja or Archana to any God without buying/offering/breaking the Coconut. You must do a Puja or archana by offering coconut, fruits, flowers, betel leaves & betel nuts, camphor and incense sticks, which are the basic & minimum you can offer.

4. You must try your best to select a good coconut, while buying it from the shop. You must shake the coconut well and must buy the coconut that has plenty of water into it. You must knock the shell of the coconut with your finger; and must the buy the coconut that has a solid shell around it.

5. When you do a Puja before the God, you must spell the name of every family members along with their Birth Star (Nakshatra) and Moon Sign (Rasi). You should not allow the Priests (Archakas) to rush through the names or must not allow them to partially spell the names/details or should not allow them to aggregate all the family members name into a single word/phrase.

6. Puja's should be done to the God in the name of any individual or groups. Do not do any Pujas in the name of the God @ Puja's can't be done to the God in the name of the God.  

7. If the coconut is found to be decayed or rotten, then the coconut would be returned to you by the Archakas. Do not panic or worry about the coconut getting rejected or think of a bad omen. Return the coconut to the seller. Get a new coconut and hand over the new coconut to the archakas and continue the Pujas. Facing a problem with the coconut actually indicates the excessive problems with the dhiristi (evil eye syndrome). By continuing to do the Puja with a new coconut actually relives your dhiriti.

8. After completing the Pujas, the archakas will return back your coconut and fruits along with Prasadams (holy ash & vermillion) and flowers that adorned the God. You must not leave any of those mentioned here in the temple itself. You must bring back everything to the house. You must eat all the fruits and the coconut (coconut can also be used in the cooking).

9. You can keep the prasadam in the Puja room and use it on  daily basis. Otherwise the holy ash or vermillion can be placed in a piece of cloth (preferably cotton cloth dyed and dried with turmeric powder) and kept in every corner of the house/cup boards/almirah, which will keep away all the Dhiristi (evil eye syndrome). You should not hand over the coconut or fruits to anyone incuding archakas @ it amounts to bartering your benefits to someone on voluntary basis.

10. You can hang on or place the flowers or garlands (that had adorned the God; and given to you by the archakas after the completion of the Pujas) in the front/main gate on the main entrance of your house. This is a very good remedy as it will safeguard your house from any bad dhirti or bad omen. But you must remove the flowers or garlands after it got dried up; and these dried flowers or garlands must be safely removed to the trash @ you should not throw it on the foot path or anywhere in a careless manner.

11. Doing these simple Pujas on a weekly basis will eliminate the possible troubles and reduce the intensity of the troubles.

How to do Pujas in the House?

Thursday, 5 March 2015


Reason for doing Pariharam to Navagrahas:

As per Hindu Vedas, the birth and death are contiguous. That is, death is not the end of the life; the Soul takes a new form of life. In short, everybody's present life will have a connections to the past life and the present life will bring an impact on the next life. Your present quality of life, physical health, mental stability, gains and losses will be decided by your actions that you had committed during the past life.

If you had done many good things in the past life, those virtues will be brought to your current life in the form of Yogas in your present horoscope. 

If you had committed many sins in the previous life, these sins will be brought into your present life in the form of Doshas in your present horoscope. 

Hence, if you had done something good during your previous life, then you would have born in a good time and you would enjoy the benefits and gains as a reward. If you had committed sins during your previous life, then you would have born in a difficult time and you would suffer the losses and damages as a punishment. That is, the good and bad horoscopes are our own creations.

The Navagrahas don the role of supervising our life according to our own good karmas and bad karmas. Even the God don't interfere in the functioning of the system. Few of the people gets frustrated by the continous problems that surround their life despite living in a pious and judicious manner. Why it is happening? The answer is simple. You pay for your past Karma; that is inevitable. But what you do now @ in the present life will get translated into good Karma for your next birth, if you start to live in a pious and judicious manner.

Praying to God, living in a spiritual manner and living a life that doesn't endanger other humans and all living creatures will get translated into good Karmas that will lay the foundation for an excellent life during our next birth.

Praying to Navagrahas will limit the damages and losses that are likely to occur in our present life due to the bad karmas that we had carried forward from our previous birth.

Hence, worshipping Navagrahas and the Gods are done for two different reasons. Everone must worship the God and live a judicious life to reserve for good life during our next birth. But the past karma that we had brought into the current life can't be erased by doing prayers and rituals. The past karma gets erased only when we go undergo the similar pain or losses that we has inflicted on others during our past life. Hence to minimize the losses or damages or the pain or the sufferings, the only way available before us to properly identify the planet that is given the task to supervise our life; and by doing the Pariharam for the concerned planet would actually lessen the burden or losses in our present life.

Hence readers must understand the importance of worshipping Navagrahas alongside worshipping the Gods. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015


FAQ's on Pariharam for the NRI's: 

1. I am living in a country, where there are no temples at all. What should I do?

Answer: You can treat your residence as the temple. You can sit in your Puja room and conduct the Puja and chant the mantra.

2. The temple is faraway from my residence. I can't go to the temple on weekdays, since it is too far away?

Answer: Conduct your prayer at the specified days in your house. Go to the temple on weekends (or when you are free) and do Pujas to all the Navagrahas at one go. It is not an offence to do the Puja in that manner.

3. You can't find crows and cows roaming around here in this country. What should I do with these Pulses? 

Answers: Keep all the Pulses with you. When you are visiting India, bring all the Pulses by emptying into a container or box. You can even mix all the Pulses that are done as Pariharam for all the Planets. Conduct the rituals that are mentioned in this blog (to empty the pulses into the running water or to feed it to the cow) in your chosen place in India.

4. It is a criminal offence to throw anything into the river. Hence how to empty into water, as I rarely visit India? 

Answer: Feed the Pulses or grains (both in cooked or in soaked condition) to any birds or any living creatures and complete the steps that are mentioned in the blog.

5. My family is in India, can they do Puja on my behalf?

Answer: Yes, they can do Puja in your name (with Nakshatra & Rasi) as per the designated days. But remember that, you should maintain probity in your life @ you shouldn't eat Non-Vegetarian foods, drink alcohol, use drugs or indulge in sexual activities. That is, there should be perfect coordination between you and your family members in India, while doing Pariharam. The Pariharam will deliver opposite results, if you keep both your body and mind in a corrupt manner, while your family members do the Puja on your behalf. You must also do the maximum by chanting the mantras and keeping yourself clean both mentally and bodily.

6. Guide me, how to calculate the horas, when I go through Day Light Saving Time? 

Answers: You must detect 1 hour from the Day Light Saving time to calculate the correct hora time.

7. I stay with room mates; they cook Non Vegetarian foods and drink alcohol in the room itself. Hence it is hard for me to follow the guidelines. What should I do?

Answers: If you are not able to maintain the sanctity in your living place, please don't do these rituals in your room. Chant the mantras 108 times after taking head bath on daily basis and keep your body and mind clean. This will help you to relocate yourself in an excellent environment @ you will get a chance to reside in a beautiful place to continue your Pariharam.










Saturday, 17 January 2015



The Hindu Religion teaches us that the Soul doesn't die and they Soul takes multiple birth, so as to purify itself to attain moksha. That is, the Life is a continuous process and there exists a connection between every birth.

When a child is born in this world, its fate is decided by its own deeds and acts in the previous life. That is, the Child would have born somewhere else in the previous birth. During its lifetime, he or she would done many good things and would have done bad things too. The Good things or Virtues would turn into Yogas and the bad things or sins would turn into doshas in the horoscope of the child in the present lifetime. That is, the Child would be rewarded for its virtues in the form of good parents, good physical health & mental health, good wealth, good education and peaceful married life; and so on. The Child would be troubled by its sins (that it had committed under the previous birth) by way of facing troubles in various forms during its lifetime.

That is, no one can escape from the destiny that has been invited by themselves by their own deeds. If you have committed the following sins in your previous life, you are bound to face the same kind of agony and sufferings that you had inflicted upon others in the previous life.

1. Killing/Torturing/Maiming any living creatures for your own pleasures.

Example: Suppose 5000 chickens and 10,000 fishes and 1000 goats had died due to a person's lust for non-vegetarian foods, then the person will born as chicken for 5,000 times, goats as 1000 times and 10,000 time as fish before getting a chance to again reborn as a human. If a person attacks a person with weapons in the previous life means that the person will face similar attacks and undergo the same kind of agony in this current lifetime,

2. Stealing or Thefts: If any person steals any kind of assets (movable or immovable) either by coercion or threats or physical assaults or luring with false promises or forgery, then the person will undergo the similar type of problems in their present lifetime that they had inflicted on others. Doing fraudulent business comes under this category. This would also include the illegal relationship @ the person would be stealing another person's wife or husband.

3. Criminal Tendencies: If any person creates troubles within another family and gets them separated either directly or indirectly, then they will face the similar type of agony in their present lifetime.

Example: A women taking a active part in separating the husband from his parents and from his family members. A husband placing hurdles on his wife's ties with her own parents or family members. Creating falsehood and separating brothers and sisters; mother/father with son/daughters; among friends; and also within the business partners.

4. Modesty of a Woman: As we know, that the birth as a human itself is a gift; because you get it rarely. Because only during this period, when you are born as humans, you will have skill and knowledge to introspect yourself and make an effort to go near the God by loving others and by doing good deeds. Here the Hindu Vedas tell us that getting a chance to born as a woman is an extraordinary gift of the God. Hence anybody tries to damage the modesty of a women or damages the modesty of the woman under various forms are liable to punished too hard. Similar way, if a woman lives according to her whims and fancies and maintain an immoral lifestyle are bound to suffer very badly.

Example: Any person lures a girl into sexual relationship with false promises of marriage; anyone who sexually assaults or abuse the women either by force or coercion or with false promises; ditching the life partner just to satisfy the lust for his/her sexual needs; anyone who directly or indirectly involve in sending a woman into prostitution and anyone who makes a living through immoral sexual activities (like printing/selling/writing porn books or acting/aiding/publishing/selling porn movies or uploading sexual acts in the internet either for sexual pleasures or commercial gains) will face tough time in their life.  

Spreading Falsehood: This includes spreading rumours, spreading a falsehood either by knowing actual truth or by without verifying the facts or  simply translate or publish the unverified story. Giving false testimony either in a court or before the society fully knowing the actual truth. This would also include the unethical way of advertising or giving false promises to complete the business transactions. This would also include gossiping on the personal lifestyle of others without verifying the facts like spreading falsehood about a woman colleague (about her conduct) in an organization.

The Hindu Religion clearly states that a person suffers because of his/her own deeds and acts in the previous life. Hence no one escape from the similar type of agony and troubles. You need to undergo the similar type of troubles in the present lifetime to nullify your sins. Hence there is no short cut @ the pujas, homams, yagnas, pariharams and annadhanam will not be useful.

1. You must introspect about your life. Why you have born? What is the purpose of your birth?

2. You must not live/work in an unethical manner during the current lifetime.

3. You must understand that you can't change the destiny. The Navagrahas are given the task of supervising everyone's destiny by the God. Hence the Navagrahas do their job without fear or favour (even the God doesn't interfere in the job of Navagrahas). You can minimize the impact of the troubles created by the Navagrahas by worshipping them. You must understand that you can't rewrite your destiny by  doing elaborate homams or pujas by paying large amount of money. In today's world, the people are employing someone to pray for themselves @ e-aradhana or e-archana, because they are too busy in their life not being able to devote sometime to their prayers.

4. The Pariharam will not deliver any results unless you introspect yourself and take a vow not to commit any fresh sins.

5. Your dedication, devotion and humbleness before the God is the basic necessities to make your Pariharam to be successful. A small flower or bunch of any leaves to the God on daily basis could produce miracles in your life rather spending huge money on rituals.  

6. Your Pariharam becomes useless, if you continue to do unethical trade practices.

7. Your Pariharam becomes useless, if you continue to hate and harm others; subject others to pain and agony.

8. Your Pariharam becomes useless, if you continue to believe that a stone can bring turnaround in your life @ gemstone.

9. Your Pariharam becomes useless, if you continue to do believe that the numbers can bring dramatic changes into your life @ numerology.

10. Your Pariharam becomes useless, if you continue to do believe that the expensive poojas or homams or ritual is going the resolve all your problems.

You must understand that the Pariharam and continuous wrongdoing will not travel in the same direction. So whatever you did in the past life befall in your head in the present life, no matter how much spiritual that you are in. Your present sins will befall on your childrens and future generations (during  the present lifetime) and gets translated into the doshas for your next birth.

Your sins will not be washed away through your repentance or forgiveness. As per the Hindu Vedas, the purity in our life (at least from now onwards) is the key to the successful Pariharams. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Facts you must know, before wearing Gems:

1. Which Gem that I must wear?

You must select a Gem, which respresents a benefice planet in your Horoscope. It is better not to wear any Gems that represent the planets that are highly malefic in nature in your horoscope.

2. What is the difference between a Orginal Gem or a duplicate or an equivalent Synthetic Gems?

You must wear only original Gems. You get nothing out of wearning any synthetic or duplicate Gems.

3. How to find and test the orginality of the Gems?

Do not do any scientific tests on Gems. Just put the newly bought original Gems in a small box containing Wheat or Paddy at an auspicious day and time. Keep it in your Puja room. Do your regular pujas on daily basis for the next 21 days. If you do not hear any kind of negative news on any issues @ personal, professional, career and health issues, then you can assume that the Gems are original and remains flawless in nature.

4. Is there any restrictions on wearing the Gems?

The original and flawless Gems retain the potential equivalent to the Rudraksha. Hence it must not be worn when you remain unclean both bodily and mentally. That is, you must not wear the Gems, when you do not take bath; when you go to bath room in the middle of the day. You should not wear it, when you intake any non-vegetarian foods, alochol or any drugs. You must remove your Gems before and also after indulging in any sexual thoughts and acts. You must take bath before wearing the Gems, if you have gone to attend the call of the nature. 

5. How to make the Gems more effective?

You should not become angry or shout at anybody. You must not remain jealous and greedy. You must avoid committing any unethical issues on the pretext of doing good business. You should not cheat anybody. The Gems would deliver exceptionally very good results, if you are able to maintain these restrictions on yourself. 

6. Which is the Poor man's Gems?

Wearing Gems doesn't mean that the poor man has no option, but to fail always in the Life. 

You would come out more successful, if you are able to keep pulses in your pocket instead of the costly Gems. For example, the Moong (Green Gram) is equivalent to Emerald. Paddy is equivalent to Pearl. Keep these Pulses or dhall in your shirt pocket and maintain the same level of Purity, then these Pulses would bring wonderful results more than the costilest Gems.

7. Which kind of Gems to be worn and which are not be worn?

You must wear the Gems that represents the benefice planet in your horoscope. You must not wear any Gems that represents the bad planet in your horoscope. You must wear Gems that represents the benefice planet as per your Lagna (Rising sign) only. Under no circumstances Gems should not be selected on the basis of their Rasi @ Moon Sign or Sun Sign.

For example, if a person has Lagna as Rishaba (Taurus) and Rasi as Makara Rasi @ Moon sign, the person will be tempted or advised to wear Blue Sapphire (Rasi Lord Shani's Gem) or Diamond (Benefice planet Venus's Gem). The calculation would be picture perfect for the Makara Rasi, provided the Shani and Venus are stronger and not affected by any dosha or placed in a malefic house. But as the person's Rishaba Lagna both the Blue Sapphire and Venus will not do anything good (sometimes it could bring collateral damages), because the Shani is a Pathaga Graha despite owning two benefice houses and Venus owns the highy malefic 6th house despite owning the benefice house Lagna.

Hence it is highly dangerous to wear any Gems based on the Rasi.

8. What will happen by wearing Gems, which are defective in nature and if the person do not follow these guidelines?

By wearing any defective Gems or jumping the guidelines would bring health issues or could bring debts or litigations or would aggarvate differences among the family members.

In the next post, we will analyze extensively the reasons or the need for doing Pariharam to the planets.

9. How to wear the Gems?

You should wear the Rings only on the ring finger on both the hands. No rings should be worn on any other fingers. It is very dangerous to wear in the middle finger and also on the thumb finger. Everyone should avoid wearing rings in all finger and with all gems.

10. How to select the Gems?

The Gems nust be flawless and original. The Gems do not work according to its weight or carats. The Hindu Vedic Astrology does not ask us to wear any Gems with any particular weight or carats. The Readers must understand that the older manuals did not even specify about the Gems. It is the greedy people who stands to be gained by trading the Gems has invented lot of therories about the weight or carat of the Gems.

Author's Opinion: You can't trade off your sins by purchasing costly Gems. The God has not offered any franschise for trading Gems for Sins to any Jeweller or Jewellery shop. Hence one would suffer very badly by wearing any type of Gems, if he continues to live in an unethical or illegal or immoral manner. 

Sunday, 12 January 2014


Best Results out of Fasting:

"Fasting" is a method being adopted by almost all religions around the world. In the Hindu Religion, fasting assumes important place in the religious rituals. Let us see the facts about the "Fasting" to get good results.

1. Skipping a meal is not the exact meaning of the phrase "Fasting".

2. The primary objective of fasting is to control the actions of tongue, eyes, nose, ears and body sensations. The control of taste buds in the tongue holds the key to bring control over his/her mind and body over various temptations.

3. Hence skipping a meal either in the morning or evening and filling the stomach later with various types of foods on the same day can not be called as "Fasting".

4. A Fasting becomes complete only if the control of the body and mind is being done from the Sunrise of the fasting day to Sunrise on the next day.

5. Fasting loses its values, once a person consumes alochol, cigrattes, non-vegetarian foods and any form of drugs.

6. Fasting gets completely damaged, if a person thinks, dreams or involve in any sexual activities.

7. Anger, Jealousy, Vegenance and Cunningness will totally ruin the effectiveness of the Fasting.

8. Foods prepared with high fat, onions, drumstick, butter/ghee and any roasted or fried items should be avoided at any cost.

9. Fasting should not be done in a continous manner @ Fasting must be done within a time frame. Fasting should not be open ended.

10. Fasting should not be done without any rhyme or reason.

11. No one should reveal the reason for fasting to any one (including their Kith and kin)

12. No one should reveal the level of benefits that they personally enjoy through fasting. But they can guide others.

13. A person would be considered to have control over his mind and body, whenever he can enter or exit the fasting at his/her chosen time.

14. Natural or uncooked foods like fruits, fruit juices, dry fruits, coconut, beaten rice soaked in milk and vegetables (like carrot, cucumber,..) are the best foods to be consumed while fasting. 

Thursday, 19 December 2013



1. Chanting Mantras after taking head bath and in the empty stomach delivers excellent results.

2. Chanting of Mantras must be done in a consistent manner @ if a person is able to chant a particular Mantra for more than 10,000 times, he would be able to experience the difference. If it crosses 1,00,000 mark or above, then the person would really enjoy the desired results in a perfect manner.

3. When you chant Mantras, if your ear does not hear (the sound of chanting Mantras by yourself), then it is considered as an excellent way of the Prayer. If your ear hears that what you chant, then it is considered as Normal way of Prayer. If your voices (Chanting of Mantras) are heard by others, then it is considered as the worst form of Prayer. God is fond of excellent way of Prayer only.

4. Chanting the Mantras either before or after Sunrise would deliver wonderful results.

5. We are childrens to the God. Hence the God really likes to hear Kindergarten's voices of us. Hence the God will not punish or deliver very bad results just because you had missed out the accent or pronunciation of the Mantras. If your actions, thoughts and attempts are genuine, then the God is so merciful that he loves to hear your Kindergarten voice.

6. Chanting of Mantras must be done without any hurry.


1. Do not chant the Mantras, when you are not perfectly clean about your mind & body.

2. Do not chant the Mantras, when your stomach is full.

3. You should not chant the Mantras, if you had taken Non-Vegetarian foods, alocholic drinks, tobacco products or any drugs.

4. Do not chant the Mantras while you drive, while lying in the bed or sitting in a sofa or without removing your foot wears.

5. Do not rush through the Mantras, just because you want to finish it within a time frame. It is better to chant the Mantras with our mind in a calm and composed manner. 

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Here we would study about the simple methods that makes your Pariharam to deliver effective results.

1. You  must have read about doing Pariharam for 9 weeks. But the readers are advised to do Pariharam as long as it delivers you the expected results. Because the trouble with the Planets differ from people to people with their horoscopes. Hence it takes a quiet longer time to get an effective results out of doing Pariharam.

2. It is better to do Pariharam for the entire Mahadasa or Antardasa period, if the particular planet's Mahadasa or Antardasa period is highly malefic. This will act as an insurance against possibility of getting into troubles at any time within an Mahadasa or Antardasa periods.

3. Keeping the mind and the body clean is the first and foremost requirement to make the Pariharam to be effective.

4. One must avoid anger, unethical thoughts or actions, sexual thoughts or actions and an vow (within the mind) to never repeat any wrongdoing that was done previously.

5. You can always skip your pariharam for a week or month, if your reasons are geneuine.

6. You can adjust the methods of doing Pariharams or the schedules of doing the Pariharam at the time of travelling depending upon the situation that a person faces. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Please avoid doing the below mentioned activities when you visit the Lord Shiva temples.

1. Never spit or do anything that reduces the cleanliness of the temple.

2. Never speak to anyone (beyond some few formal words) anything inside the temple or speak in the mobile phone for a longer duration.

3. Never criss cross between the Lingam and the Nandhi.

4. Never worship or praise a man inside the temple.

5. Do not shout or sing or pray that turns as a disturbance to others.

6. Do not go between the God and anyone praying to the God.

7. Do not worship Navagrahas first.

8. Do not worship or do puja for the Navagrahas without worshiping the Lord Shiva.

9. Do not go around the temple, when the abhisekham is performed for the presiding deity.

10. Similarly, going around the temple is forbidden, when the curtains are down for decorations or for other rituals to the presiding deity.

If we help the temples to be kept very clean for a day, then it is equivalent to do Pariharams for 100 days.

If you can help peoples who depend on their livelihood by working in the temples  (in really in need of help), then the Lord Shiva would be very pleased and also the Lord Shiva would look after your needs. But you need to analyze the person properly before doling out with any help. Otherwise your help to a greedy or a person with doubtful character would become meaningless. Hence you should lend your help only after thoroughly satisfied on the particular person's needs. 


If you can do this below mentioned activity, this will really helps your both personal and career life.

1. Keep the temple clean by any possible means.

2. Tell others not to throw paper, lighted match sticks, plastic covers and spill oil within the temple.

3. Never dust the temple pillars with the holy ash and Kumkum.

4. Voluntary involvement in the temple activities will deliver more benefits than doing Pariharams.

5. Helping the people who works in the temples would bring in more benefits than doing Pariharams. 


Please read the contents carefully and get benefits in your life.

1. Go to the Lord Shiva temple, if you have taken a head bath.

2. Do not go to the temple (after taking bath), if you had done any sexual acts or taken any liquor/drugs and consumed any non-vegetarian foods.

3. Worship the Gopuram (Tower) before entering the temple.

4. Worship Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga located in the outer periphery of the temple.

5. Worship the flag post of the temple.

6. Worship the altar and leave all your egotistical thoughts.

7. Worship the Nandi and seek his permission to enter the sanctum sanctorum.

8. Worship Lord Shiva and then Goddess Parvathi.

9. Worship other Gods and go around the temple at least 3 times.

10. Worship the Navagrahas only when you are about to exit the temple.

11. You can do "Sastanga Namaskaram" (Laid down worship) only before the flag post of the temple by placing your head and hand towards North direction.

12. Sit in the temple at least for a few minutes.

Sunday, 28 April 2013


Readers must be aware of things to be done and the things not to be done, while doing Pariharam or worshiping the Navagrahas.


1. Do the Pariharam on the designated days, time and horas; as this would bring tremendous results.

2. Fasting is advisable but not compulsory. But the restriction on the intake of foods (that instigate the mind) should be maintained.

3. Pariharam and sexual thoughts and actions does not travel in a parallel manner. Hence avoid the Pariharam on the day, if you had done any sexual acts after the Sunrise.

4. Offer anything (flowers/lighting a lamp/cloth and so on) to the Navagrahas that is possible within your economical limits.

5. Distribute prasadam that are offered to Navagarahas to everyone, if you had done puja for removing the doshas.

6. Worshiping or doing Pujas for Navargahas without even looking at the presiding deity would deliver complete negative results.


1. You should not treat the Navargrahas either equal or greater than the Lord Shiva and other Gods. It brings the heavenly curse on you.

2. Worship/Puja for Navagrahas should be done only after the Worship/Puja for the Gods.

3. Do not go around the Navagrahas (9 times) on all days except the Saturday. Because the Shani would offload his burden on the people who unnecessarily go around the Navagrahas on days other than Saturdays.

4. Go around once and exit the place (all days except Saturday).

5. Never go around in a anti clock wise direction (for Rahu and Kethu).

6. Never stand diametrically opposite to the Lord Shani to worship.

7. Never go around the Navagrahas with hands folded or tied; never talk while going around.

8. Never go through the gap (space) that lies between a person who worship (in one side) and Navagrahas (on the other side).

9. Never touch the Navagrahas by yourself. (You can do puja by yourself only if you are sure about the quality of your mind).

10. Never prostrate before the Navagrahas.

11. Never light up your lamp from some else lamp. Use separate match box or light up from the temple lamp.

12. Do not do pariharam for Navagrahas on a daily basis. It is always better to do it on the designated days.










Sunday, 27 January 2013


Which is the best place to do Pariharam?

The Pallava King of Kanjeevaram (Kanchipuram, which is 60 kms from Chennai) had decided to construct a magnificent temple for Lord Shiva. He held discussed with his ministers, artisians and spritual peoples on the constructions of the temple. He gave many instructions on the shape, size, design and locations on constructing many part of the temples on elaborate basis. The King brought all his dream into reality by getting everyone's cooperation within his kingdom. He had spent all his resources at his disposal to construct a magnificent temple in his life time.

At the same time, Pusalar, a small farm worker from Tiruniravoor (30 Kms from Kanchipuram and near to Chennai) was also dreaming about building a temple for Lord Shiva. The Pusalar's meagre income was not even sufficient to feed himself. But the dream of building a magnificient temple had not gone away from the Pusalar's mind. The Pusalar had also planned a magnificent design for his dream temple and scanned every inches in detail within his mind. The dream temple also had mandapam, ponds, garden, gopurams, kitchen and many other wonderful facilities for the Lord Shiva.

Both the King and the Pusalar had almost reached the completion of the constructions of their respective temples. Both of them had fixed an auspicious day (same day) for the Maha Kumbhabiseham (Installation of the deity). The Pallava King had started making elaborate arrangements to make the Maha Kumbhabiseham a grand success. There was celebrations all over the Pallava Kingdom. No one noticed or ever know about the dream temple being built by the Pusalar and also ready for Maha Kumbabiseham.

Few days before the Maha Kumbabiseham, the Pallava King had dream during his sleep. Lord Shiva appeared on the dream and asked the king to postpone his Kumbabiseham and fix another date for it. The Lord had informed the King about his intention of attending the Maha Kumbabiseham of another new temple being built by one Thiru.Pusalar within his Kingdom.

The King was disappointed and informed the public about his dream. He had then directed to his officials to find out "Who is Pusalar?" and "Where the new temple is being built?" and also "What is the importance of that temple over the temple built by him?".

The Officials went in all directions and returned with the news about the Pusalar. "The Pusalar was an ordinary farm worker" and there was no temple being built by Pusalar within his Kingdom. Then entourage of the King went and met the Pusalar and informed him about his dream. There upon the Pusalar told the King that new temple indeed was being built within his mind.

The Pallava King had realized the truth. He had then realized the value of true love towards the God. The Temple built by the Pallava King has been dedicated to Lord Masilamaneeswarar and Goddess Kodiyidai Amman. The temple has been located in the Thirumullaivayal, north - western outskirts of Chennai on the main road connecting Chennai - Avadi - Thiruvallur.

CONCLUSION: If your mind is sacred as the sanctum santorum of a temple, then the God would always love to be there. Hence the readers are advised to realize that your pariharam would have a lasting impact based on your closeness to the God. The Pariharam does not hold any value, if it is weighed with money, place or the power. The love and affection towards the God would have a huge impact on the pariharam, no matter how much you spend and where and how you do the pariharam.

Thiru.Pusalar is one of the 63 Nayanmars who has the previlige of staying within the Shiva temple. These 63 Nayanmars have been revered for the love, affection and unflinching loyalty to the Lord Shiva even now.

Temple to rectify the health problems: 

Any one, who has health problems that are related to heart, they must visit this temple loacted in the town named Thirumullaivayal, located in the north-western suburb of Chennai. Do a meditation by yourself and do puja to Lord Masilamaneeswarar both within your heart and also to the presiding deity; you would wonder, where your health problem had gone? 

Friday, 18 January 2013


The time of Pariharam depends on number of factors. Let us see the details.

1. The time for doing pariharam directly corresponds to the level of malefice nature of the Grahas and the period of Mahadasa that is associated with the particular graha. 

2. If a bhava is badly affected in the natal chart (Kundali), then the particular aspect of the lifestyle would be affected. The damages run through the entire period of the life. Hence it is advisable to do pariharam during the entire life time to minimize the damages.

3. The Lagna lord is considered to be very important graha in everybody's life. It is always better to do pariharam, if anyone's lagna lord is weak. 

4. The Human lifestyle is driven by the planets associated with Mahadasa. Hence it is always advisable to start the pariharam before the start of Mahadasa's and continue it till the end of the Mahadasa periods (if the Mahadasa is found to be unfavorable). 


Will the Pariharam done in the nearby temples give the same results, as the Pariharam done in the designated temples?

First let us see the conditions for getting best results out of doing Pariharam. 

1. The Nakshatra of the day should be 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25 and 26 away from the Jenma Nakshatra (Birth Star) of the person, to whom pariharam has to be done.

2. The Moon should not be in the 8th Rasi (house) from the Rasi of the person, to whom pariharam has to be done.

The designated time (according to individual person) and desginated temple gives the best results. But sustained and consistent worship in our nearby temple also give equally the best results. 

But the temples built on the pavement and roadsides are not ideal for doing any pariharams. Those temples who are run as per the "Agama Shatras" are the best places for worship, puja and doing pariharam. 

We would study the best place, best time and best method of doing pariharam for every dosha in the subsquent posts. 

Sunday, 13 January 2013


I do not have time to attend puja/pariharam, so what else I can do?. These type of questions are common in today's world. But doing Pariharam through family members/proxies/online would be effective? Does it give the necessary results? Let us see the answers for these questions.

1. If a person is not able to attend puja or do pariharam, then it is assumed that the good times is still far away. That is, he may have to undergo the rigours of dosha for few more weeks/months/years. It may have been his/her fate.

2. The Pariharam which is being done by the Mother, Father, Life Partner, Children and any close relatives would give partial results.

3. If the concerned person is sick, disabled, aged, young or has any genuine reasons, then their close relatives could do the pariharam on behalf of them. It gives very good results.

4. The Pariharam that was done through online does not produce any results. It helps the astrologers only or any middle man associated with the puja by getting profits out of it.

The God expects your love, affection, attention and sincereity from yourself. Your dosha does not get cancelled, just because you spend few thousand or hundred rupees sitting comfortably in your house. No one can depute others to speak to God, on behalf of them. 

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Is it possible to remove bad doshas completely by doing the appropriate pariharams?

As per our Hindu Vedic Astrology, there are no specific method of Pariharam is defined. But now-a-days the Astrologers come out with different type, method and style of Pariharam as solution to the problems in life. I do not know from where they got it. When a untruth is spoken many times, then it automatically becomes a truth. 

The Readers must understand that the pariharam offered as a solution to various doshas must be used a tool to go near the God. Only the Lord can give you the solution and salvation. The trouble that we face in our life must be utilized by everyone to understand the essence of spiritualism and must try to get closer to God.

When these pariharam takes you near the God, then these defined pariharams would produce dramatic results. On other hand, if you do a pariharam on a mechanical manner, it will not produce any results at all. I have found many people asking these questions, when asked to do pariharam.

1. How many days/weeks or times, I should do this pariharam?

2. Will all my problems get resolved, if I visit the designated temples during the weekend or coming holidays?

3. I had spent huge amount to conduct pujas, homams and offerings in many temples, still there is no solution. Hence I do not trust these pariharams.

These questions are manifestations of mechanical thinking and doing of a pariharam, because the person goes with a expectation. He wanted to trade his time or wealth with the God itself to waive off his doshas. 

The God is not running a business or a bank to offer waiver of the doshas in exchange of the money or time spent by us. The God looks for the devotion, love and humbleness through your pariharam to eliminate our doshas. Hence, we advise you to start a pariharam by loving the God and not with a mechanical mindset. 

Thursday, 10 January 2013


We shall find answers for the following questions.

1. Is it possible to remove bad doshas completely by doing the appropriate pariharams?

2. Can we do pariharam through another person?

3. Where we should do the pariharam?

4. When we should do the pariharam?

5. How long a pariharam should be done?

6. What happens, if a person is not able to spend money or if his/her health does not permit them to perform pariharam?

We would see the detailed answer for all these questions on the next posts.


Please understand the basics and essence of doing pariharam, before actually doing it. 

1. You must worship Lord Ganesha, when you enter the temple.

2. You must choose a temple that is being run as per the Vedic principles for doing a pariharam. (@) the temples must have proper pooja conducted on Sunrise, Mid-noon and during Sunset. This is a basic requirement for us to choose a temple. 

3. The worship and pariharam would not produce any results, if you are angry, jealous, proud about yourself and placing mind, eye and ear on something else.

4. You should keep in mind that you must have neat and clean thoughts and habits for the whole day, when you decide to go to temple for worship and pariharam.

5. You should not indulge in smoking, drinking, eating non-vegetarian foods even after returning from the temple. 

6. You must analyze the natal horoscope (Kundali) properly and must find out the exact cause of troubles and the graha (Planet) that is responsible for that.

7. You can either do pariharam for the Athi Devatha for the chosen graha or to the graha (Planets) itself. All of them give equally same results.

8. The Day and time plays major role in getting quick results for doing pariharam. You must chose the correct date and time for doing this Pariharam. 

9. You should not take any prasadam back to your house, if you have done Puja as pariharam. 

10. After worshipping Lord Ganesha, you can worship all others Gods. The worship of Navagrahas must be done only after completion of all other Gods. 

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