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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Facts you must know, before wearing Gems:

1. Which Gem that I must wear?

You must select a Gem, which respresents a benefice planet in your Horoscope. It is better not to wear any Gems that represent the planets that are highly malefic in nature in your horoscope.

2. What is the difference between a Orginal Gem or a duplicate or an equivalent Synthetic Gems?

You must wear only original Gems. You get nothing out of wearning any synthetic or duplicate Gems.

3. How to find and test the orginality of the Gems?

Do not do any scientific tests on Gems. Just put the newly bought original Gems in a small box containing Wheat or Paddy at an auspicious day and time. Keep it in your Puja room. Do your regular pujas on daily basis for the next 21 days. If you do not hear any kind of negative news on any issues @ personal, professional, career and health issues, then you can assume that the Gems are original and remains flawless in nature.

4. Is there any restrictions on wearing the Gems?

The original and flawless Gems retain the potential equivalent to the Rudraksha. Hence it must not be worn when you remain unclean both bodily and mentally. That is, you must not wear the Gems, when you do not take bath; when you go to bath room in the middle of the day. You should not wear it, when you intake any non-vegetarian foods, alochol or any drugs. You must remove your Gems before and also after indulging in any sexual thoughts and acts. You must take bath before wearing the Gems, if you have gone to attend the call of the nature. 

5. How to make the Gems more effective?

You should not become angry or shout at anybody. You must not remain jealous and greedy. You must avoid committing any unethical issues on the pretext of doing good business. You should not cheat anybody. The Gems would deliver exceptionally very good results, if you are able to maintain these restrictions on yourself. 

6. Which is the Poor man's Gems?

Wearing Gems doesn't mean that the poor man has no option, but to fail always in the Life. 

You would come out more successful, if you are able to keep pulses in your pocket instead of the costly Gems. For example, the Moong (Green Gram) is equivalent to Emerald. Paddy is equivalent to Pearl. Keep these Pulses or dhall in your shirt pocket and maintain the same level of Purity, then these Pulses would bring wonderful results more than the costilest Gems.

7. Which kind of Gems to be worn and which are not be worn?

You must wear the Gems that represents the benefice planet in your horoscope. You must not wear any Gems that represents the bad planet in your horoscope. You must wear Gems that represents the benefice planet as per your Lagna (Rising sign) only. Under no circumstances Gems should not be selected on the basis of their Rasi @ Moon Sign or Sun Sign.

For example, if a person has Lagna as Rishaba (Taurus) and Rasi as Makara Rasi @ Moon sign, the person will be tempted or advised to wear Blue Sapphire (Rasi Lord Shani's Gem) or Diamond (Benefice planet Venus's Gem). The calculation would be picture perfect for the Makara Rasi, provided the Shani and Venus are stronger and not affected by any dosha or placed in a malefic house. But as the person's Rishaba Lagna both the Blue Sapphire and Venus will not do anything good (sometimes it could bring collateral damages), because the Shani is a Pathaga Graha despite owning two benefice houses and Venus owns the highy malefic 6th house despite owning the benefice house Lagna.

Hence it is highly dangerous to wear any Gems based on the Rasi.

8. What will happen by wearing Gems, which are defective in nature and if the person do not follow these guidelines?

By wearing any defective Gems or jumping the guidelines would bring health issues or could bring debts or litigations or would aggarvate differences among the family members.

In the next post, we will analyze extensively the reasons or the need for doing Pariharam to the planets.

9. How to wear the Gems?

You should wear the Rings only on the ring finger on both the hands. No rings should be worn on any other fingers. It is very dangerous to wear in the middle finger and also on the thumb finger. Everyone should avoid wearing rings in all finger and with all gems.

10. How to select the Gems?

The Gems nust be flawless and original. The Gems do not work according to its weight or carats. The Hindu Vedic Astrology does not ask us to wear any Gems with any particular weight or carats. The Readers must understand that the older manuals did not even specify about the Gems. It is the greedy people who stands to be gained by trading the Gems has invented lot of therories about the weight or carat of the Gems.

Author's Opinion: You can't trade off your sins by purchasing costly Gems. The God has not offered any franschise for trading Gems for Sins to any Jeweller or Jewellery shop. Hence one would suffer very badly by wearing any type of Gems, if he continues to live in an unethical or illegal or immoral manner. 

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