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How to avoid Poverty?

"Poverty" can be equated with financial deficiencies (or) difficulties that a person (or) a family would experience in their life. The below mentioned situations can be equated to Poverty.

1. Liabilities more than assets.
2. Liabilities more than income.
3. Expenses more than income.
4. Less income (or) meagre income
5. No assets (or) diluted value of assets.

How to avoid the financial difficulties? 

The Goddess of Wealth & Good Luck is Goddess Sri Devi. The Goddess of Poverty & Bad Luck is Goddess Moo Devi. The Moo Devi is the Elder sister; and the Sri Devi is the Younger sister. Everybody wants the presence of Goddess Sri Devi; and nobody wants the presence of Goddess Moo Devi.

The Goddess Moo Devi (Goddess of Poverty & Bad Luck) went and prayed to Lord Vishnu. The Goddess Moo Devi wanted her presence to be felt in certain part of this world. The Lord Vishnu granted her certain places, where she can go, rest, stay and live happily. The below mentioned places are most preferred places on the earth for the Goddess Moo Devi (Goddess of Poverty & Bad Luck).

1. Those who eat Curd and Spinach after the Sunset.

2. Those eat Curd, Milk with any Non-Vegetarian foods.

3. Those who pay money (in any form) after the Sunset.

4. Those who allow others to carry water from their houses after the Sunset.

5. Those who deliver, receive (or) handover any articles across the doorstep.

6. Those who deliver, receive (or) handover any articles (or) money through the left hand.

7. Those who jump (or) criss cross the used food plate, any type of clothes and pillows.

8. Those who go out without combing (or) without tying up their hair.

9. Those who come out of their bathroom by letting the water to drip from their hair.

10. Those who take bath without wearing any clothes.

11. Those who look at the mirror without wearing any clothes on them.

12. The Place where many dirty clothes (without being washed) are kept for more than a day.

13. Those who sleep even after the Sunrise.

14. Those who do not take head bath after the sexual intercourse.

15. Those who place (or) hang clothes in the door, door frame, windows and window frame.

16. The Place where the women are weeping.

17. Those who eat by holding their food plate in their hand (or) in their lap.

18. Those who eat, while walking (or) while lying in the bed.

19. Those who eat without taking bath (or) remaining in an unclean manner.

20. Those who eat, while wearing wet clothes.

21. Those who eat first before their guests.

22. Those who eat any food items without sharing with their guests.

23. Those who eat any food items without giving away to the children.

The above mentioned places are the most preferred place of the Goddess Moo Devi (Goddess of Poverty & Bad Luck). If you want to avoid financial difficulties, then you must not allow these things to happen in your life. 

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