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We all know about Pitra Dosha and its effects. Let us find out the simple steps to remove this deadly Pitra Dosha.

1. You must sit either facing east or south.

2. Must take bath and should not eat anything before you do Pithra Tharpanam.

3. Keep any photo or items (used by the anscestors); if you do not have anything, leave it empty.

4. Use a plate (preferably Silver, Copper, Bronze or Mud) and place it before you.

5. Use a tumbler with spoon (preferably Silver, Copper, Bronze or Mud) and fill with tumbler with water.

6. Sit in a mat (natural) or small wooden stool.

7. Worship Lord Ganesh to help clear the hurdles in doing the Pitru Puja
8. Raise your right hand in front of you and put black Till seeds (Gingelly seeds) in your right hand palm. (please look at the picture given below)

8. Pour water into your right hand palm by worshipping your paternal side ancestors (You can even name them. along with their Kotra). Ask them to accept your offernings. Tell them that you still love them and ask for their pardon, if you or your family members had wronged them during their lifetime or after their death. Pray to them that they need to be satisfied and stand guardian of your family members.

9. Then tilt your hand to your right hand side, so that the water along with the Gingelly seeds drain out from your palm into the plate placed below.

10. The Water should drain through the gap between your right thumb and right hand index finger.

11. Then repeat the same procedure for the paternal side ancestors.

12. Next, you must do it for unknown person affected by you or your family members. You can also remember about your other dead relatives, friends, neighbors, pet animals, animals slaughtered to become your favorite foods, vegetables or plants (used for your own food) and anyone who had been affected either knowingly or unknowingly by yourself. Complete this procedure for the third time.

13. Now you can drain the water and the gingelly seeds, into running water preferably into the wash basin.

14. You can put some Kolam in the place (Where the Pitra Tharpanam was done).

15. Now you are ready for the daily work.


1. You should not do it in your "Jenma Nakshatra" day.
2. The body and the mind should be kept clean.
3. No Non-Vegetarian foods, alochols, drugs and sexual activities on these days.
4. Never use vessels made of stainless steel, iron, plastic, porcelain and glass.
5. Never use Puja bells during the worship.
6. Do not throw the water in the pathway. No one is supposed to walk over this water.
7. Drain the Gingelly seeds completely in the water. If the seeds gets sprouted (if thrown into a mud) it brings undesirable results.
8. Do the Pitra Tharpanam separately; Do not club it with the worship to the God.
9. It is better to use separate vessels for the Pitra Puja.

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