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Astrological ways to cure the body illness: 

Please find the below mentioned table that indicates the type of illness that are created in our body; and the planets that are responsible for it.

In the above table, we have also listed the Pulses and Grains that are related to all 9 planets. Now let us find the method to clear the illness from our body.

1. Start the Rina Pariharam by doing a Puja to Lord Ganesha for the successful completion of the Pariharam.

2. Take handful of all these 9 Pulses/Grains; and cover it with a new cotton cloth.

3. Keep these small bags consisting of all these 9 Pulses/Grains into your pocket for 9 continuous days.

4. You must keep it in your shirt pocket; and should not keep it below your waist.

5. You can remove it from your shirt; and keep it under your pillow, while you sleep. You must keep it away from your body, while you go to bathroom.

6. On the 10th day, sow all these seeds in a clean & new mud pot.

7. Keep it in a room, where there is no Sunlight and Ventilation.

8. Allow the seeds to germinate and sprout for 9 days.

9. You can water it to the necessary level on all 9 days. The sprouted Pulses and Grains would look like this.

10. Take it to any nearby Amman (Goddess Shakthi) temple. Carry it on your head, while going into the Temple.

11. Place it before the Goddess; and pray for the early recovery from the illness.

12. Take it out after your prayer and Puja.

13. You can dissolve the mud pot containing the sprouted pulses and Grains in the Temple tank (or) any big water bodies (*the water must remain clean @ you should not dissolve it in dirty water) like pond, lake and river. *If you are able to dissolve it in a river, which has running water, then it could be considered excellent.

14. If you don't have the option to dissolve it in any water bodies, then feed to the cows

Important Guidelines:

1. You must take head bath on all 9 days, while you carry the Pulses & Grains in your body; and also on the 9 days, while the seeds are germinating.

2. All the family members including the person (for whom the Pariharam is being done) must take head bath; and must remain bodily and mentally clean.

3. The whole family must not eat non-vegetarian foods (or) any type of foods that intoxicates the mind and body.

4. There should not be any sexual interactions (or) any type of sexual activities by any member of the family (or) between any family members for all those 19 days (9 + 9 + 1 = 19).

5. Try to explain the situation to your friends, family members and guests; and make sure that unclean (or) doubtful characters enter (or) stay in your house during those 9 days.

6. Make sure that the person who enters the room, where the seeds are sprouting adhere to these strict rules.

7. Puja must be done to the germinating Pulses/Grains both during the morning and in the evening hours @ during Sunrise and also during Sunset.

8. You can cover the bottom of the sprouted Pulses/Grains with a new cotton cloth (soaked in Turmeric powder and dried) to make sure that the sprouted Pulses and Grains stand erect.


1. If the Pulses and Grains had sprouted to a longer length, then you can conclude that your Pariharam is highly successful.

2. If the sprouted Pulses and Grains remain light (or) dark green in color, despite keeping it in a room without Sunlight, then you can conclude that the Rina Pariharam is successful.

3. If the Pulses and Grains had failed to sprout properly (or) got damaged, then you must understand that your attempt had failed because of non-compliance of the guidelines properly.

Please read this link before doing Pariharam: GUIDE FOR SUCCESSFUL PARIHARAM

For complete details on Pariharam for Shani, please visit GUIDE FOR SHANI PARIHARAM


Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Planetary Position that could intensify the illness: 

There are methods to find whether a sickness would heal or gets intensified. Let us analyze the situation that makes the sickness into serious condition.

1. If a sickness starts on the days with below mentioned Karna's
   1. Chatushpada
   2. Navagam
   3. Kinthuikkinam
   4. Sakuni

2. If a sickness starts on a day having the patient's Birth Star (OR) the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th and 19th Birth Star from the patient's own Birth Star.

3. If a sickness starts on Chaturthi, Navami, Chaturdasi, Shashti, Ashtami, Dwadasi and Amavasya. 

4. If a sickness starts on a day, when the Moon is placed on the 8th house from his own Rasi.

5. If a sickness starts on a day, when the Moon traverses in the 22nd Star or 88th Path from the patient's own Birth Star.

Results: The illness are likely to remain and create troubles in a chronic manner. It is always better to delay the first time medical treatment during these periods.  

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