Monday, 29 July 2013


You can do this Pariharam for Rahu sitting in your Puja Room:

1. Take bath early on the Saturday/Tuesday/Sunday morning before sunrise.

2. Fasting on the day is advisable.

3. Take some quantity of black gram dhall (whole) in a black cloth or black paper. Keep it in your shirt pocket or tie it in the saree. Do not put it below your waist. Should not be placed in the hand bag or any separate luggage.

4. Worship Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, and the Lord Rahu.

5. Keep working all day.

6. Keep it under your pillow, while you go to sleep in the night.

7. No alcohol, eggs, non vegetarian foods, sexual thoughts and inter courses, use of harsh and filthy languages (applicable from the Parihara day morning to the next day morning @ sunrise on the Parihara day to the next day's sunrise). If these are violated, then the pariharam would not deliver any results.

8. The black gram dhall (whole) must be kept safe and secure in the Puja room on the next morning. Unclean persons should not be allowed to touch these pack containing black gram dhall (whole).

9. Do it for the next 9 or more consecutive Tuesday/Saturday/Sundays. The women can take the counting as continous, even if the pariharam is discontinued in a temporary manner. You must do the Pariharam for more than 9 weeks depending upon the Rahu's position in the natal chart.

10. Then collect all the 9 or more packets and make it into a single packet (no plastics) and then go to any river. Stand on the banks of the river, face yourself eastwards. Rotate the packets 3 times both clock wise and anti clock wise and throw it into the running water.

11. Wash your hands, legs and face in the water. Sprinkle the river water 3 times over your head.

12. Turn around and return home (without turning back).

13. Again wash your hand, leg and face before entering your house.

14. You must take head bath.

15. You must go to the Shiva temple. You must complete the Rahu pariharam by doing puja for Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Parvathi, and finally Lord Rahu.

16. For the final puja, please select the Saturday, Sunday or Tuesdays and do it in Rahu Kalam.

Happy getaway from Rahu Dosha.